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Episode 22 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 22 Engsub
Air date2017-12-27


Judge vs. Judge Ep 22

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  • Ronald Harrington

    Jeezzzz, between the Prosecutor parents, and the Judges dad, how the kids grew up sane……relatively speaking…

    • paradox.of.fate

      Guess that what the chief prosecutor was implying when he said all his kids want to do is eat! lmao

  • UriDijun

    Why do I keep having this feeling that the mother is involved and that the father is not as bad as they’re trying to make he looks like?

    • paradox.of.fate

      Said that from the beginning. She had too much guilt and was working overtime trying to correct her mistake.

      • UriDijun

        Yeah, she’s too good to be true. How she approached justice Lee and kept her close all these years is also suspicious.

    • Sandra Hall

      Im glad Im not the only one lol been suspect on her for awhile now

  • paradox.of.fate

    Wasn’t Han Joon sexy as hell walking in that court room? Dayum talk about making a entrance with flair.

  • Yousra Ben Ramdane

    This drama is confusing af ,, we’re already in the 11th episode and I’m still not sure about the real murderer

  • Iwan Ridwan

    watching this drama is really makes me wonder what is the step of law carrier especialliy judge, lawyer and proscecutor. does judge is the final stop, i think it is the highest, hehe?