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Episode 24 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 24 Engsub
Air date2017-12-28


Judge vs. Judge Ep 24

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    I think its the mom. Do jin myung had a relationship with gayoung and she followed him and saw it, and killed her….but it was probably an accident an then she covered it all up. kept the guy she accused sister close to her and noe shes still trying to get out of it but trying to put it all on her husband. thats my opinion..i hope its not do jin myung in the end…like why make it the obvious person and keep this going for so long.

  • Maria

    I think Do Jin Myung raped and kill her
    But he was wasted and the one who fabricated the evidences were his wife

  • Aditi

    I’m glad they didn’t show any preview…it would ruin what’s to come next…

  • paradox.of.fate

    Knew she was carrying a bunch of guilt, but to what extent? She did aid and abet her husband we know at least this much. Did she commit the murder? Think she did, since her husband was heard on the recording for chasing the young girl. The mother got to her first? The beatings to the mother might have come from someone who witnessed the murder? Need more info, can’t wait for next weeks.

    • Dee_Dee17

      I think she beats herself tbh to deal with her guilt and self hatred

      • paradox.of.fate

        I wondered the same thing, but it looked like choke marks? That might be difficult unless she was trying to “off” herself. lol

  • ydnas

    it’s nice that they add a touch of lightness and romance like when Judge Sah got annoyed that Jung Joo called the Chief trustworthy when she said that about him when this show is very heavy.

    • Iwan Ridwan

      yap, it is fit, less romance but sweet for crime drama.

  • Gae Jeong Ppal

    F*** I’m crying along with Han Joon, he’s so genuine and loves her so much. I never had my heart ache so much for the second lead (beside Kim Jeong Hwan of Reply 1988). I hate Jung Joo so much 😭 I still watch this just because of Han Joon and the curiosity about who the murderer is.

    • rockstar

      Yeah there’s so much going on with Han Joon. 😭 abused mum, murderer suspect dad and unrecruited love.

  • dutchessdioji

    @6:12 What is the name of the song and artist playing in the background? Thanks!

  • coco_mamii

    They both covering something up. Something HJ’s mother is hiding to protect someone??
    It’s getting really exciting now.
    crying with HJ 🙁

  • happystar

    Nope I’m sorry. No matter how great of a guy Judge Sah is, it’s Han Joon and Jung Joo. Dong Ha really needs to get a lead role.

  • Erin Varghese

    god this love triangle is killing me. i love judge sah but do han joon’s heartache is giving me serious SLS.

  • seasafira

    When Hajonn crying, I cry without realizing

    • same here……..

  • 매디

    When HJ was crying and singing that song it literally broke my heart into a billion pieces. I need a guy that will love me as much as HJ loves her. I really hope they end up together eve tho it’s inevitable