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Episode 27 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 27 Engsub
Air date2018-01-04


Judge vs. Judge Ep 27

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  • dutchessdioji

    This evil, wicked, cold hearted, shameless, witch!

  • Ronald Harrington

    Why is our Judge STILL worried about these people more than her @$#&#[email protected] brother???? Who she knows is innocent and they put him there and killed him….I mean what the hell…..ahem, sorry, carried away..

    • dutchessdioji

      Why do you say she’s so worried about them? What has she done to make you say this? Has she covered up for someone? I’m obviously missing something. 🙂

      • Ronald Harrington

        No, shes said, “Tell me you are lying, it’s not true” Then said to Other Judge, “OH no did something happen to Joo Hoon?” And then said, I had a nightmare this can’t be true she would never do that” and then she did not slap the hell out if her in front of her brothers grave when she confessed……enough?

        • dutchessdioji

          I think it’s guilt and shock. Remember she turned away from her brother, changed her name and wouldn’t have anything to do with him. She thought so highly of Professor Yoo, I guess it’s hard to believe that she is capable and could do such a horrendous thing to her, her brother and this innocent girl. I think once she gets it together, there won’t be no stopping her from getting these people back. Let’s not forget Professor Yoo and her husband are a powerful couple. It may not be that easy to get the sentence they deserve even with Professor Yoo’s confession. As far as Han Joon is concerned, I would feel sorry for him too. He didn’t do anything to deserve the heartache he’s going through.

          • Ronald Harrington

            Much point exactly, she turned her back on her innocent brother, but wants to “understand” the witch…..

          • dutchessdioji

            At the time, she didn’t know that her brother was innocent. How could she when HE kept insisting that he did it. She tried to reason with him and even told him what their mother said. She said he could never do such a thing, but again he said otherwise.

            I think she, in her grief, is just trying to make sense of it all. I’d be trying to understand how someone who treated me so nicely as Professor Yoo did to her and at the same time do all those wicked things to me. I wouldn’t be able to wrap my head around that at first either. Besides, she’s also grieving and grief makes people think and act in all kinds of ways.

          • Ronald Harrington

            But she DOES know prof is guilty, but still trying to understand her…..see?…..Why the prof family and not her own brother and mother?

    • kapoyani

      She was her support system when everything was crumbling down on her so its not surprising she goes through initial denial as she was already misled and lost her brother to it all.

  • eunmi

    aww han joon <3

  • Dee_Dee17

    I knew she beat herself up to compensate her guilt for something… But I didn’t think she would be that evil 😱😱

    • stellapeable Nunie

      she play good from Hotel king,Marriage not Dating with WooJin then here.

      • Dee_Dee17

        Yeah she is a really good actress

  • paradox.of.fate

    When Judge Lee was in the hospital bed and Judge Sah was asking the Dr. if she was ok, I said wait…isn’t that his sister the Dr??? I’M SO CONFUSED!! My dramas are merging, what a nightmare. She even looked like Kang Doo’s sister! Wth!! Ok, now that I’m on the right drama, gotta say Judge Sah became my hero when he went in to catch her after she collapsed. I knew she was evil…smdh!

  • stellapeable Nunie

    My Hyeong Gyoo aka HanJoon bravo and to my bias WooJin.