1 Season 29 Episode

Episode 29 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 29 Engsub
Air date2018-01-10

Synopsis of Judge vs. Judge Ep 29


  • Jane Barmani

    first one here

  • Ronald Harrington

    Han Joon….”I hated you because I thought you hurt mom, but now I love you again because you only raped a 13 year old girl…..dad, take your blood pressure meds, see you when you get out” Heavens to betsy that guy is lame….

    • jana

      I don’t think it’s because he’s lame
      He’s just trying to look at the full side of the cup but it’s also empty
      He’s been living in a lie all his life
      Everything he believed in turned out something else
      It dosen’t mean he doesn’t resent his dad for what he did but he’s glad that his father didn’t beat his mother
      He lost his mother after finding out she’s not the mom he knew but a total evil person
      So he’s gonna hold on something a shining light which is his dad

      • Ronald Harrington

        Shining light?????? He raped a 13 year child……..you people will say anything to protect this guy….hahahaha

        • jana

          I am not trying to protect him at all
          I don’t care he is a character after all😂
          But i tried to put myself in his place it is so messed up 😂

    • Alex Alex

      That scene was SO weird to me. That and the approving smile Judge Sah gave when he decided to call him “Father again”…ugh.

      • Ronald Harrington

        Exactly…….thank you…

    • Andy O

      Koreans are all about ”Hate the crime, not the criminal”. I see that too often in K-dramas.
      The scene was about treating him like father again, after all these years he thought he was abusive towards his mother. And the approving smile of judge Sah is because he told Han Joon in previous episodes that he remembers Do Jin Myung was always a good father to him, despite the crime that he may have committed, he doubted he was abusive towards Han Joon’s mother.
      Either way, even if Han Joon wanted to call him ”father” again, because of his false beliefs about him, it doesn’t mean he forgave him about the rest.
      Still that scene was really weird and confusing because it was almost like he forgave him. I expected him to be angry at his father, as his son and as a judge also! I mean, that guy is still a scumbag, is too soon for forgiveness!
      Weak scene, weak dialogues, weak acting..