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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2017-11-23


Judge vs. Judge Ep 4

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  • Aleeha Butt

    Is it worth watching? Reviews plz

    • JustMe

      Hmmm im not sure. Difficult to judge just yet. (Pun intended). But im not extremely hooked in. I feel like the pace is off and weird. And im worried the drama will be one of the ones were the bad guys literally just sit around in a conference room and discuss whatnot. Thought itd be like suspicious partners. Its not there yet but might be. Givr it a go

      • Aleeha Butt

        Theres nothing new good to watch all the good ones r ending. Im watching beacause this is my first life, black, money flower and waiting for subs for wise prison life

        • JustMe

          did you like prison life? im going to end up in another drama drought soon

          • Aleeha Butt

            Subs arent out yet

          • Aleeha Butt

            Ive done some research. Till jan there arent going to b many good dramas airing other than on sat and sundays according to my likings. Ive read all of their intros lol im feeling sooo deprived. When there r good dramas tgey all come together then u end up getting addicted bt suddenly theres nothing to watch

        • Chatelaineces

          My Golden Life is #1 at almost 40% viewership. It is slated for 50 episodes but is already midway so you don’t have to wait for Eng subs. Great cast headlined by Park Si Hoo and Shin Hye Sun. All episodes are meaty and the storyline is well conceived. It airs on the week end to go with the airing of Money Flower (Saturdays).

          • Aleeha Butt

            Thankyou 😢

          • Aleeha Butt

            Damn im sooo hooked now ive already caught up i cpuldnt even sleep jst love it

          • Chatelaineces

            Did you actually marathon watched it? You watched 24 hours! Well worth your time. I wonder if you watched Father Is Strange? That is an even more heartwarming series. I am happy you like it.

          • Aleeha Butt

            Nop nt yet i saw golden pouch and blow breeze end was disappointing bt hong gil dong one was good. Now im watching black’s weekend episodes i couldnt watch it cause it was too hooked up on watching this

          • Chatelaineces

            I guarantee you that Father Is Strange is going to be a great watch. It was originally set for 50 episodes but was extended to 54 episodes. That good. It rated between 35%-38% nationwide and placed #1 for every episode it aired. Great. You have something to check out. Happy viewing.

          • Aleeha Butt

            I have a 2 yr old kid so i basically sacrifised my total of 5hr sleep im able to get and ive now got some really awsm under eye bangs bt worth d fun

          • Chatelaineces

            Awww! Panda eyes.

          • Aleeha Butt

            Jst finished watching jealousy incarnate in jst 5 days and i regrent nt watching it earlier it was awsssssmmmm loved it even though not a fan of d female lead bt the lead guy is fab!!!

          • Chatelaineces

            You are speaking of Gong Hyo Jin, one of Korea’s romcom Queen. She headlines It’s Okay That’s Love (w/ Jo In Sung), The Greatest Love (w/ Cha Seung Won) and Master Sun (w/ So Ji Sub). Jo Jung Suk of Jealousy Incarnate simply matched her moxie.

          • Aleeha Butt

            It was hr second drama i saw. There were some scenes she looked good and her acting was also v good its nt that its just her appearence wasnt constant i wish they paid more attention to it shes looked too skinny and bit old in some scenes due to makeup and choice of cloths in d begining plz dnt h8 me for this i feel awful saying this myself

          • Chatelaineces

            I will respond to this very carefully because there are a lot of fans out there of the different actresses I will refer to. There are three very talented actresses I admire: Gong Hyo Jin (The Greatest Love), Shin Hye Sun (Five Children, Secret Forest and My Golden Life) and Kim Go Eun (Goblin). All very talented and have awesome acting skills but sometimes receive negative comments for their less than beautiful faces. These three are in good company to their western counterparts: Meryll Streep, Glen Close, Barbara Streisand and Betty Midler. None of them will win a beauty pageant.
            Like you, I used to snap judge an actress right off from just physical attributes: pretty face, great body, shapely long legs and clothes-ability. Today, I begin with a clean slate and allow the actress to transform to her character as the drama progresses. Good dramas draw you into their make believe world. These less than beautiful actresses transform to the roles and characters they take on and grow on you. Ironic, isn’t it that one of the best partner of the uber handsome and charismatic Gong Yoo is the regular looking Kim Go Eun. She had us in tears as she embraced the dying Goblin slowly disappearing into cosmic dust. Now, that is beautiful!

          • Aleeha Butt

            Agreed btw i like her in goblin aswell as in CITT

          • Aleeha Butt

            Its seen greatest love the acting and d drama was awsm

    • M.Drama

      I like the actors but don’t like the directing, so far it hasn’t been that interesting. I think I’m gonna drop this one.

    • kruti jhala

      Yaa it is. We always see the perspective of lawyers and prosecution but this time we get to see it from Judge POV. And I like the lead actors. Should Try It.

    • amanda

      it’s not earth shattering good but it’s alright if you have nothing to watch

  • Aditi

    SPOILER~~~ woaaha!!!! I didn’t expect the situation to twist this way. I thought Dong

  • amanda


    the pregnant lady going into labor after the slow motion walk was hilarious and that scream hahahahahahahahahah!!!

    i cant believe they made do ha a killer again in this one 🙁 :(………,i hope the drama doesn’t revolve around this one case coz i’ve already figured out what happened…..prosecutor Do raped and killed the girl judge mom and assemblyman dad covered it up by framing kyun ho, but the other murdered guy knew about it so they killed him chopped up his body and blamed the wife as well……….see not rocket science so this better not be worth an entire drama, SO ALL THIS WHILE JUNG JOO HAS BEEN HAVING THE TIME OF HER LIFE WITH PEOPLE WHO RUINED HER LIFE WHILE DOUBTING HER BROTHER!! That look do ha gave in the cout room sent chills down my spine how can someone be that good at acting evil and his fast paced shaky voice just makes it worse but i still love him though!!

    • PandaQueenJ

      AGREED. that whole case is a little bit boring.Making him the killer was a bad choice (even tho i love seeing him act the psycho killer).

      • Seelar Barhoum

        I’m not watching again I don’t like the fact making him a killer

        • PandaQueenJ

          I really liked the drama (wish he wasn’t the killer) i will give it a last chance if ep 3 is not good i will drop it too

    • 매디

      It would honestly suck if the plot ended up being like that. I really hope he doesn’t end up being the killer and it’s just a false accusation

    • JustMe

      it’s probably all that indeed :'( this show doesn’t seem to be too original.

    • WeroNoYume

      I wanted him to be the good guy for once ; _ ;

  • dutchessdioji

    I’m glad Judge Lee isn’t ashamed of her mom and thanks to the writers for creating such a character.

    It’s nice to see the actor from “Lovers Bloom” on the other side of the law. I almost didn’t recognize him. A total 180 from the character in the other drama.

  • PandaQueenJ

    thought he was going to be a cute second lead but they made him a killer again
    :((( i think he should have stayed good i love twists but that twist was a lil bit boring. ep 1 was good but that one was decent i hope the drama gets better next ep

  • leestella

    I was like, oh he is so cute, I ship the second lead, then that was it, they destroyed my second lead syndrome

  • hey!

    Similar plot but nothing else to watch right now. Why is this guy always the killer. But questions – How did the brother know who was the real killer? Why is that corrections officer turned prosecutor intern so focus on getting the brother off. What’s in it for him?

  • Chatelaineces

    Regular fare but is entertaining.

  • tae’s

    it’s so frustrated to see when they tried to point dongha as a murder. but i also think that it just to early for that. it may have some plot twist . believe me. lol

  • Lillacneth

    So judge lee’s real mother passed away?

  • paradox.of.fate

    Please don’t make him the villain again. 🙁 I think it’s because of his deep sexy voice that he can pull it off, but still….lol

  • guccicarat

    why does he always have to be a murderer im mad

  • happystar

    Not again…..>__> I knew that family was fishy from the start. That professor just seemed too fake.

  • kapoyani

    she should recuse herself more strongly and right off the bat. she is his sister, she cannot be impartial.
    i hope this has more of a twist to it that it is looking though it wouldbe quite elementary if it turns out the guy friend is the killer. maybe its a ruse to distract us… hopefully

  • Wilde Sparxx

    damn, he’s a killer again? Can’t Dong Ha be a good guy for once…

  • Wilde Sparxx

    sorry about the spoiler!