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Episode 6 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-11-29


Judge vs. Judge Ep 6

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  • J. Review

    I think the real culprit is Assemblyman Do not Dong Ha

    • Seelar Barhoum

      Me too I think it’s assemblyman do not dong ha

      • Phantom

        Yeah I think that Dong Ha does not want his mother to feel guilty for wrongly sentencing an innocent person to prison for a crime that he did not commit but her husband did. That is why he is trying his hardest to cover it up as well.

    • abc abc

      that’s a possibility. However, i can’t get over the personality of assemblyman do in real life, he’s hilarious and has a 4D personality, esp when he came on happy together. i can’t seem to take him seriously here because of that haha

      • J. Review

        Ya I know what you mean, i’ve seen him on some shows after his role on Chief Kim and he’s hilarious!! But he’s a great actor so I feel like he’s doing justice to his character on this show too.

    • jana

      I think dong ha made the deal with him to save someone might be his dad or someone else but def has something with the father but I don’t think he is the culprit

    • siruslysyd

      Omg guys YES ME TOO!
      Except when he acts like the bad guy. How is he so good at being a creep – remember suspicious partner?

  • ShoYong

    they dont drag out who the real killer is lmao

  • A.e

    The son always brings the tears to my eyes I don’t know it hurts if I see him like that 😭😭 I hope his mother will get well soon and take care of him

    • abc abc

      sammeee!! i feel soo bad for him!

  • _WithJR_

    I hope they don’t drag this case until the end TT because it’s gonna be very very very boring TT

    • amanda

      that’s exactly what’s gonna happen it’s been 6ep already i think they would’ve solved it by now in while you were sleeping it was 2ep a case average

      • _WithJR_

        Nooooo I hope not TTTTTTTTTT I don’t really get the drama, like WYWS focused on solving daily cases & (long term) revealing the truth about Yoobeom thruout the drama. With JVJ Idk if it’s gonna be the same but it seems so draggy T_T the case about her oppa is going around and around in a circle TTTTTTTTTTTTT hope they are not planning to solve one case for 16 eps!!

        • amanda

          well let’s wait and see but i think that’s it rvrn in the synopsis they say it’s about a judge whose brother is wrongfully accused blah blah………..but do ha is actually the one making the drama interesting ,i love the lead but his character in here is just boring and lame and has no charm really (sorry oppa) even the support cast is more inetersting and funny than the leads idk just my opinion i’m gonna continue watching till the end coz i’m curious and i love do ha plus i’ve already watched 6ep to drop out now would mean i wasted my time but i hope it picks up

          • meeemo

            welp i’m gonna drop it for now, and if they solved this case and moved to another new one pls let me know 😅

          • amanda

            nope not yet still the same but things have taken a turn a turn for the interesting though i will have to watch next weeks ep to know for sure if the story can become good coz right now i feel like 1 person is carrying the show and you can’t really tell if he’s the good guy playing bad or vice versa which is why it’s interesting for me now i wanna know what his character is like

  • 매디


  • Dramatic

    I don’t think the prosecutor is the killer. It seems too simple.

    • jana

      Def my point i think it’s just to mislead us a little
      It’s to early to know the truth

  • paradox.of.fate

    And just like that, we are back to Suspicious Partners. lol He’s good looking and that “to die for” sexy voice, can’t be a bad guy again? Think maybe it was his mom or dad who did it maybe by accident? That’s why she’s pushing the other judge, because the guilt is eating her up?

  • Gae Jeong Ppal

    What if the killer who murdered Kim Ga Young is Ga Young’s dad?? In the former episode, assemblyman Do told judge Sa that the real murderer is currently outside the country. This drama is full of mystery.
    At first I thought assemblyman Do loves his family. when he said that he wanted to protect his child, and he didn’t want his wife sad if she realize she punished the wrong person. But turn out that he did violence toward his wife??? And his child obviously doesn’t like him.
    Two people died and they had a relation with Do’s family..

  • amanda

    how do the leads fall in love here everyone seems so depressed i look for the interns and other judges for a smile and using jang soo bok’s handicapped child to rack up sympathy aint working for me mainly coz i know people in similar situations and they hate pity!!

  • JiminHope

    Am i the only one who thinks Judge Lee Jung Joo is the girl version of Jhope?

    • moon child

      ive been saying this ever since her role in age of youth. and ive fallen in love with her acting. she even looks like him which is hella weird

  • Wilde Sparxx

    I like this, they use jargon and by excuse to the trainees explain it to the audience too. I feel like I’m learning lots lol…
    This drama is unique in the sense that its looking at the judges perspectives and not the lawyers and prosecutors.