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Episode 5 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 5 Engsub
Air date2017-12-26


Just Between Lovers Ep 5

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  • Theju <3

    hope it gets subbed soon πŸ™‚

  • MelaChild

    Impatiently waiting for the subs 😭

  • Rads ical

    They both are haunted by their most traumatic time of the accident. For him it was when trapped, he survived while the other boy did not. For her, it was right as the accident happened when she thought she caused the death of her first crush and her sister. They both are suffering from survivors guilt on top of PTSD. It’s interesting how they went through the same trauma but their memories and coping are very different, yet at the core they aren’t different at all. Trauma affects people in different ways, but it definitely affects everyone. This show is doing a great job showing this. Also loving how it shows that mental health is important.

    • Iwan Ridwan

      your words true, i hope they can heal each other and keep moving forwards….

  • seasafira

    The 2nd female reminds me of mina twice

    • superjuniormylove

      Lol no

      • seasafira

        Not saying that they’re same person but they really look alike

    • LAΕ½ULI

      yep. Glimpse kinda

  • superjuniormylove

    Can’t wait for it to get subbed!!

  • Jaclyn Yoo

    honestly this is one of my fav dramas yet it gets subbed the latest, ugggggg

  • pluviophile

    Do you think it will get subbed within a few hours? Can’t wait any longer. This is absolutely my fave drama of the year so far.

    • Ice cream n soda

      It will take sometime.

      • pluviophile

        Oh really? >.< It's almost midnight here and I was gonna wait for an hour. Maybe I should just go to bed and watch it tomorrow. πŸ™

        • Ice cream n soda

          Yah it takes more than 12 hrs.better sleep. πŸ™

  • imandy

    my only monday and tuesday drama, and it will be sub around 3PM on my country. its still 5 AM here πŸ™

    • paradox.of.fate

      Well it’s 7 PM here now and I gotta get up to work at 3 AM and will be missing the subs, looks like it will be 24 hrs for me πŸ™

      • Ice cream n soda

        Still subs are not there

        • paradox.of.fate

          Booooo. lol

  • Jaclyn Yoo

    okay i was upset because they put in the last preview of the almost kissing or maybe kissing scene, and it didnt show in this epi, but looking at the next preview, I CANT WAITTT AHHH

  • Aditi

    I knew it!! I knew it just from his voice!! I knew it that Kim Min Gyu is going to appear coz I recognized his voice. lol he is everywhere XD

  • djajk

    Why does this drama take a while to get subbed? Is it not that popular here?? I’ve been waiting all week 😒😒

  • Marisela

    Does anybody know around what time it will be subbed? I know it’s a different time zone for everybody.

  • Amulya Kolusu

    School 2017 Strawberry milk boy is here again

  • shiro

    why does it take so long to sub this drama? πŸ™

  • zeebee17


  • Zelda Azzahra

    why the best drama take so long to sub? wise person life too πŸ™

  • pluviophile

    This thing is like the best drama among recent ones (for me of the year) but it takes so long to get it subbed here or any website and I am honestly wondering why subbing this lasts longer than others. Fighting subbers! Literally cannot wait anymore.

  • Leems Segit

    What’s wrong with people who create english subtitle of this series. It’s one of the best series this batch but they keep subbing the shit ones instead of this drama. I will never understand.

  • Bianca

    Subs still not there…I can’t wait to watch it

  • Chae Shin

    hoping for this to get sub.. or tell us what time or any updates about what percent was subbed… so we can just go back to this site then… instead of waiting like this… fighting subbers! You’re heroes!

  • Triton

    This drama is the highlight of my week….I wish it gets subbed faster😒

  • starsappear

    oh lord, the subs on viki aren’t even 50% rn…

  • lia

    still not not subbed πŸ™ love his drama can’t wait

  • lia

    atleast 50 % done thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  • yukino yukinoshita

    i’m grateful to the subbers, but why does this drama take so damn long to be subbed while others are done much faster? it’s so good too and is probably my favourite drama this season :”(

  • Hannah B

    Oh please please waiting for english subs… i know its holiday season and everyone is busy but please spare time to sub this great drama. Thank you very much

  • h?xxxx

    I’ve literally spent all day refreshing this every 20min 😩😩😩😭

    • MelaChild

      It’s subbed

  • disqus_cRKB8INl36

    i’ve been waiting endlessly for the subs

  • disqus_cRKB8INl36

    where the subs at tho

  • Banjo Toogood

    >be the best drama this season
    >not subbed even after 2 days

  • rockstar

    😭saw the raw but don’t understand..

  • Lfrvr. -Timmy

    Finally! Subbed for almost 2days after posting its raw. I almost got tempted to watch it raw. I almost waiting for this drama

  • Rads ical

    Finally watching it with subs, when he said “where’d everyone go? I’m Lonely,” my heart shattered. Also the big mystery for me is that they were together for quite some time, so what was the event that caused them to be separated and her to be rescued first? She was rescued day 3, he was rescued day 7 right? So what happened

  • Iwan Ridwan

    such emotional melodrama,i need to prepare my heart to watch this. this my favorite melodrama eventhough i’m not fond of this genre. the way they send a message to viewers really touching.
    it is like anitthesis of jugglers, while jugglers is fun i keep getting sobber watching this ahaha

  • Iwan Ridwan

    won jin a really pretty…. keep getting mesmerized by her πŸ™‚

  • paradox.of.fate

    The poor survivors. The living hell that they continue to endure and the real life nightmares. So sad. Their souls have a permanent scar. πŸ™

  • looooooool kim mingue

  • Sadia Zar

    I’m getting feeling the boy in police station must be the other boy in that building with DG and MS