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Episode TitleEpisode 6 Engsub
Air date2017-12-27


Just Between Lovers Ep 6

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    • Marisela

      That’s what I’m saying!

  • Aditi

    how do they expect me to survive until next week??? I need the next episode rn please ……..

    • Marisela

      What do you mean next week?!?!

      • Aditi

        The next episode comes out next week. So I’m just saying I can’t wait until next week

      • clamesmon

        the new episodes aired every monday and tuesday, twice a week 🙂

  • Rads ical

    All the actors in the show are fantastic but I have to give special praise to the child actors. They’re incredible! I think the kid playing young Kang Doo is well on his way to being the next Ji Sung (my fav Korean actor) or whoever is the most renowned for their acting.

  • disqus_cRKB8INl36

    I am grateful for the subs on ep 5 but since this is today’s episode shouldn’t it be subbed.

  • VIP A.R.M.Y

    guys they were on holiday ok so we are so lucky theyy even subbed it the next day

  • Chae Shin

    wow thanks for the sub! 😀

  • Leems Segit

    See how beautiful this drama is?

    Subbers needs to get their shit together next week.

    • GreenBottles

      It’s the holidays, give them time.

  • Rads ical

    Ouch when you know what he says that breakdown is even sadder, and the significance of her rushing to see him and texting him to answer is that much more important, his breakdown happened because at the end of the previous episode he said he was lonely and here’s someone offering, THREATENING, to be there for him.

    • GreenBottles

      Woah, I didn’t realise that.

      • Rads ical

        Right? It didn’t hit me until I watched it with subtitles! That’s why their relationship is so special, it’s the little things. In some cases when two people undergo trauma, their ptsd makes them incompatible but in this case their coping mechanisms any reactions to the trauma are almost complete opposites, but that’s what makes it better for them to heal each other.

  • Rads ical

    Listen, the company scenes are the most boring part for me, and the director guy is annoying, but sometimes I get him. Everyone expects him to do all these things and approve all their plans but approving Expensive plans is not that simple.

    • Iwan Ridwan

      i’m confused too, maybe the ceo is not fully bad person. he seem sad too actually

      • danvelez09

        It’s like Joo Won said he’s not bad a person but his position is too much for him to handle.

  • Rads ical

    The guy who accosted the CEO’s dad is probably Moon Soo’s father right?

    • Haye


  • Rads ical

    I have to laugh at Kang Doo trying to talk to his future father in law, I don’t think that’s quite the impression he’s trying to give lmao

  • Aashi

    how am i supposed to survive for 1 whole week now????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald Harrington

    How can he fight everyday for ten years and not get any better at it at all???

    • Wilde Sparxx

      He has gotten better in aspects: his health medically, physically but sometimes many years on there are things you can’t forget is what I think it means. But yeah, he does have a slight tendency to look for a fight where it can be avoided.

  • Wilde Sparxx

    The 4 main characters are interlinked in the worst of ways, through an incident that had a huge impact on their lives. How much they’re interlinked will probably unravel slowly…
    I liked that she’s an enthusiastic eater but he’s super picky; bit of sweet tooth. Even during the collapse they spoke of about food …
    I also want to know how Moon So met her friend; it seemed from earlier episodes that she doesn’t remember. Maybe at the hospital during recovery?

  • zeebee17


    • Letícia Moreira

      I know it’s amazing!!!

    • Lylian Corneling

      Ikr!! It makes this drama even more beautiful 😍😍

  • Kayla

    they’re too cute

  • Iqra

    guys help me out please the background music, ‘i sing a song you a sing along’ thats in my head but i cant find the full songgg please help

  • Iwan Ridwan

    i cannot watch this drama quickly after release because i need strong mental health for every episodes…
    urggh i really like won jin a appearance, very pretty and charming. this drama is very unique even among so many melodrama. i just hope that the ending will be happy for the leads and for all that have a scar. i hope the ratings will go up too, because it is aired very late at night so the rating is low just like kbs friday saturday slot T_T
    i like Tthis drama so much, since jugglers is fun, JBL is sad but both of them really sweet. monday-tuesday drama competition is really crazy hahaha

  • FreeSpirit

    This drama hits right in the feels TT

  • paradox.of.fate

    The rich bitch seems to be working both guys. wth? Why do they feel so entitled? She better not ruin the love and fate that belong to these two people!

  • dori!!


  • cindydoo

    Mr. Power Butt better not hurt the noona hostess lady in this series.

  • PoshKitty

    2nd male lead can shoo. Be gone. At first I thought I would for once succumb to the disease that is 2nd lead syndrome but now as with all other 2nd leads he annoys my life. I don’t trust him. He’s too possessive of a girl who isn’t even his girlfriend much less a friend. They are work colleagues first and foremost. He is just going to make her life difficult by giving her attention in front of a girl that does clearly love him. He is too cruel