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Episode 2 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-10-23


Last Minute Romance Ep 2

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  • amanda

    WTF couldn’t they just make up a last minute miracle surgery and get her better it’s frigging kdramaland this shit is possible here!!! get her heo im for all i care i would’ve bought it 100%.
    anyway great drama except for the sad ending dong joon/seo wool acting was awesome i can tell he worked 10 times harder to pull of such convincing characters also he looks handsome dressed up or not with gelled up hair or scruffy hair if you were born good looking don’t matter what you wear!!

    on a serious note my heart goes out to people or loved ones suffering from cancer esp when the doctor gives you a timeline i cannot imagine going through that and watching baek se pack her stuff getting ready for death was heartbreaking and i know it’s far from the real thing and that actual patients aren’t even able to do what she was doing, my heart, thoughts and prayers er with you all!!

    • Abdelkarim As-salim

      Good review, I was a bit bummed out about the ending.

      • amanda

        it was a beautiful and different story though i hope they make a longer version with a happy ending it’s just individualist na ji young that was a great 2ep drama

  • MrOnion

    WOW I LOVE IT!!! I know that the end is kind of sad but it’s a happy ending, she found her love and she was really happy that he’s recognised as him and not as a fake guy. Plus, he got the guy of her dreams, a drama guy ♥

  • Chatelaineces

    This may only be two episodes but it recognises Leo Seo Won as the possible next big star. His managers have been fielding him slowly but surely. I saw him in Uncontrollably Fond (support actor),The Liar and His Lady (second lead) and The Hospital Ship(second lead). He has the natural good looks, the height and the acting chops to propel him to more significance. I hope, like Yang Se Jong (Saimdang, Romantic Doctor, Dual and Temperature of Love), he gets the right break to be considered a dependable first lead actor. Best of luck to him in 2018!

  • MelaChild

    Was happy ending but still i wish it was longer 😭

  • paradox.of.fate

    This was more than expected. So even though we know her circumstances, she was happy. All you can ask for. Had no idea Lee Seo Won could look so different in each scene just by changing his hairstyle and color. His acting is stepping up. 😉

    • amanda

      yeah that was impressive i don’t think many actors are able to pull that of and he changed characters in a matter of seconds , he’s gonna go far can’t wait for another of his lead roles

  • Pika

    finally something diffrent from all those happy, cute, romantic endings.
    I’ve gotten sick from all the romantic dramas because almost all are exactly the same, with only some twists, different locations and actors…
    Just too bad that this was so short, but still nice since I now don’t feel like finishing dramas anymore because they get boring, havn’t even finished goblin yet

  • kapoyani

    Short and sweet

  • LoveIsMyMoment

    Can someone recommend me another heart warming short drama like this????
    I really like this one!! My heart~~~

    • annet721

      Hi, try the Universe`s star

  • Black

    nooo they try to make it happy ending, but i still crying D”:

  • Zam Well

    i wish there’s more romance with this two, but its perfect already.. i enjoy it 🙂

  • Michiya Minatsuki

    So in the end he never really got the girl anyway..
    He always played second lead… Now first lead (no second lead here tbh), but the girl passed away… Aigoo…

  • Meenakshi G

    i love it even though sad ending…
    and too many comedy scenes
    i really really love it ,,short and sweet kdrama forever