1 Season 12 Episode

Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2018-04-20

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  • niagirl


  • JustMyOpinion2990

    Finally Nam IL able to vent out his problems.I mean his situation was very understandable why he acted like that.i think he didn’t want pressure his colleagues that he has a financial problem,after all,1 of his colleages wife just gave birth a baby boy & the other colleagues need money for his mom operation,but i think if he told his colleagues & his chief,they would probably understand.he probably didn’t want any help,but for this situation he certainly need financial help especially when his pay was cut due to a team mistakes.

    I think the big problem for him is to stop his wife from opening the shop or just closed the shop.if she want to help,she can always do Home based online food shop.this way,she is able to stay at home looking after her kids..they don’t have to pay anyone.Why open a shop if you are gonna make any money?

    Yang Chon too funny when he smack his head ‘if he did not buy it,he is the store owner’.too funny.

    His interaction with his daughter is ok,his point is to let his daughter know that what the guy did is wrong,even when she physically & verbally said No.well at least the daughter open up to her own dad.

    Yang Chon talking to his dad,crying,i am sorry for everything..well he is not a bad guy.i guess something must have made him that way(maybe because he saw his dad beating his mom,so i guess he is sort of a brat).well at least he understand the situation of his mom(they gonna remove the life support),that why he said give him a few days to be ready.

    His wife talking to their daughter was right.she speak a lot of sense.i mean some of you here bash Yang Chon for hitting the guy,yet Jang Mi replied ‘he is your dad before a police officer’.she told their daughter the cases that happen.sometimes children need to learn the reality of their parents job.

    Sometimes my parents don’t answer my calls & vice versa but we don’t take it to heart because we don’t know maybe at that period of time,your parents are being scolded by their boss,they could have been busy.

    Usually i will call my parents through their mobile number rather than the office number unless it urgent matter.

    I hope their children began to understand their parents worklife.police don’t get enough sleep sometimes if the cases were too heavy like the rape cases.

  • paradox.of.fate

    She should have told #1 guy that she wasn’t interested in dating him any longer and finished it before she ended up grabbing #2 guys hand. Too many mixed signals. Starting to make me go crazy with the back and forth bs. The life they live is difficult enough, don’t make their only outlet confusing and stressful.

  • kjk

    whooaa. this ep’s intense… O__O

  • xxxsolace

    The ending!!! Ahh where’s the new episode 😭😭