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Episode 13 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 13 Engsub
Air date2017-11-30


Love Returns Ep 13

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  • 매디

    I always skip when that old
    Man comes up on screen(the guy that started working at the coffee shop the one where his daughter is in love with the lawyer)

    • ShoYong

      oh the father who always leech off his family’s money? he is sure annoying lol even the mother of the lawyer is as annoying as him

      • JustMyOpinion2990

        I also seem to hate the lawyer mother & the rich woman.

        Like seriously..lawyer mother always put his son in difficult situation.

        • ShoRyuu

          rich woman? which? the main lead’s mother?

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            Pawn shop owner..kinda dislike her & lawyer mother.

            2 ladies that is so weird..no wonder their daughter & son are weird too

          • ShoRyuu

            Yeah the main lead girl’s adoptive mother. I personally understand her she always helped her real mother who died but the daughter thinks it is because of her that her real mother died.

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            Oooh…still i dislikes her adoptive mom especially when she was away from the beauty contest without giving back the clothes.

            However i shall see how the 2 man will do as they both don’t know the real identities(i talking about the guy who want to resign & eunjo dad)

            I keep confusing the characters name.

          • ShoRyuu

            didnt you watch why she couldnt answer the phone? wow. She was taking a family picture even the secretary told her she could go. It is their fault for not checking with others. How would that make you feel if you are the mother and u support 2 childs alone but the daughter always uses ur money like water flowing then always nags at you when you have done nothing wrong and then you got people talking bad about you. Would you like that? I doubt you would. Well that’s her situation. Plus that manager never told her they were real diamonds when they lent to her and here you blame all on her lol

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            Relax..i don’t watch the show too often as sometimes i don’t have time to watch it.

            Yes i understand what u meant.

            Yes it the secretary fault for not telling everyone but she herself need to return anything(if she uses any),cause it seem the manager came for the diamond.

            I trying to understand the drama since i tend to get confuse between the lady who found the CEO phone & lawyer who like the other lady.

          • ShoRyuu

            she didnt know it was real diamonds plus she said she was coming back returning it after doing family picture because it was scheduled she was in a hurry

          • ShoRyuu

            It was just them overreacting she would steal them when clearly she told the secretary

          • ShoRyuu

            I dont see why u dislike her when she took care of the daughter and the son when both of their bio parents died. She always make money to support the 2 but the main lead girl always use her money without using her own by working

      • 매디

        IKR that ahjumma makes me want to cringe at how annoying she is

  • i love the drag character cute