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Episode 22 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 22 Engsub
Air date2017-12-13

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 22


  • Drama Ninja

    Lol he declare war by saying he likes her.

    • ShoRyuu

      i hope he can tell her 1st before lawyer does. Knowing how drama works the 2nd lead will do 1st then she will realize she will like HSP more after maybe rejecting the lawyer

      • Drama Ninja

        Yeah I mean we know she already likes SP alot but of course we got to get the typical set up,I hope to be proven wrong.

        • JustMyOpinion2990

          Sorry it hard for me to like Suk Pyo.

          No CEO qualities.to be honest,his parents company would be bankrupt without the aunt help.

          His money stolen by a robber,not willing to give chase?

          He tend to be clueless most of the time.

          The way he act,people will know his identity soon.

          No i am not liking Bu Sik either but Bu sik is working unlike Suk pyo walk here & there.

          To be honest,he should be lucky Ms Kim own the building,if not his company would have shifted.

          At this point of time,Bu sik definitely better.he know how Eun Jo,even if he like her for money.

          But no,Eun jo is not rich,but either way,i don’t want Eun jo to be label as a gold digger.

          What kind of CEO ran away from home,his aunt has to work hard,sacrifice her dreams for the company.

          To me,Eun Jo like Bu Sik humor unlike Suk Pyo,no humor at all.

          Girls like humor,suprises.she knew Bu sik gonna do magic.Bu Sik even gave her roses.

          Can Eun jo lives happily with suk pyo?
          I don’t think so unless i see changes in Suk pyo characters.

          What kind of undercover that even not educated person will know you are the CEO.

    • Discaliber

      Didn’t Suk Pyo prove a couple episodes ago that the door to the pawn shop is not that soundproofed? Do you think she heard him?

  • Pranjali Singhal

    They don’t give preview for next episode…. And I started hating that old man more and more… Just after money and like suk pyo aUnt said he will kick eun Jo out for sure and bring his own daughters home