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Episode 23 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 23 Engsub
Air date2017-12-14

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 23


  • Drama Ninja

    I really love how he is with her mother.

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      I really loved how In Woo still cared for her dad.

      Every child behave differently to hide their family issues,their scars(parents break up).

      I guess In jung cared for her dad even if he incompetence of doing anything to support himself.

      I think shall stop pursuing on the couple,but rather try to focus what story they are trying to tell.

  • Shell_collector009

    I think Eun Jo;s heart is gonna be broken by the lawyer when he chooses money over supporting her (if In Woo’s dad and ajhuma gets married that is)

  • Drama Ninja

    The aunt is stupid btw nothing she says makes sense.

  • Iwan Ridwan

    Still dont get the answer why Hong suk in the courtroom in the first episode….

    • starrynights

      So in the first ep, Suk Pyo was found guilty of embezzlement, so essentially, stealing from the company. He was sentenced to a year of imprisonment. But he’s not in jail right now because this was Suk Pyo’s first crime, and Suk Pyo had written a very good letter of apology to the judge, so the judge decided that they’ll allow Suk Pyo 2 years to prove himself truly sorry by letting him experience the life of an ordinary person. It’s like a 2 year probation. So he’s still sentenced, as of right now, but he’s on probation. So if he screws up they’ll probably toss him into jail.

      However, it turns out that Suk Pyo was framed by the people in high positions in his company, so he needs to find a way to get back at them and prove himself innocent. They haven’t yet come to that part of the story. I hope that helped!

      • Iwan Ridwan

        uhuhu thank you very much. i think he is a bad person or have a criminal record. i like the leads because they are really look alike (ahaha bc their hair color i think). this drama is really dangerous because so many adult want money so much >_<

        • starrynights

          He does have so many things about his past we dont know about, i’m so excited to learn more about him!!! The leads are so cute omg. I didn’t like the girl in the beginning because she played another character in a drama i watched where she broke up one of the main couples LOL but i can’t help but grow to love her too haha!! This drama really does revolve around money and family and ambition. I like it because it handles these things while still keeping such a light atmosphere around the whole show.

  • starrynights

    I love how each character is so flawed, so you kinda dislike all of of them but you can’t help but find redeeming qualities about them too. I’m sad that suk pyo misunderstands eun jo’s affection for him, thinking it’s pity. i hope they sort that out soon!!! also ugh the old man is so annoying. i get that his feelings for the ahjumma might be real but STILL. it’s annoying.

    omg and the lawyer is too much just PLEASE SEE IN WOO’S LOVE FOR YOU LEAVE EUN JO ALONE