1 Season 26 Episode

Episode 26 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 26 Engsub
Air date2017-12-19

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 26


  • Drama Ninja

    lololo the layer is gonig to crash and burn soon he is like on 100 and she is like on 2.

  • JustMyOpinion2990

    So i guess Eun Jo was the one receiving the Kidney.

    What if Mr Goo daughter is actually Eun Jo?i mean it could be a possibility that she is his daughter.

    But if Eun Jo is really his daughter,note the story said his ex wife left him & she left somewhere only his divorce was legalised 5 years ago.

    Who knows,his ex wife gave Eun Jo to Mr Gil,which could possibly why nobody knew the children identity.

    I guess the aunt hates Eun Jo because she is not her brother biological daughter.

    So i guess Eun Jo has a different name.

    If Eun Jo is Mr Goo daughter,they can’t marry each other as they are uncle & niece.

    The reason why Ms Goo hates everything is probably because she is too stress..she handles all the company stuffs since Suk Pyo in jail.

    • Peg02

      I was also thinking that Eun Jo is Mr Goo’s daughter. But she could still marry Suk Pyo, since Mr Goo he’s not related (by blood) to him.

      • Ankita1712

        I don’t think Eun Jo is Mr. Goo’s daughter. He told few episodes earlier that his daughter is married to some non-korean/half-korean guy(don’t remember exactly).

  • ydnas

    I feel sorry Haeng Ja, she seems like a nice person deep down but everyone is just out for her money except her two children that despite not being blood, she raised. They care for her, not just her money, but the fact that she was their mom when their parents left.