1 Season 29 Episode

Episode 29 Engsub

General information

Episode TitleEpisode 29 Engsub
Air date2017-12-22

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 29


  • Drama Ninja

    Ah so we going with the old fake marry thing or something.

    Not too smart though.

  • Shell_collector009

    What if the lawyer ditches her on the wedding day?

    • ShoRyu

      that’d be the worse

      • Shell_collector009

        Well, he has to ditch her somehow for the story to progress towards Suk Pyo I guess.

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      The only way he will ditch her if he get caught by police on his wedding day.(kind of remind me of 1 drama,where the culprit was caught on his wedding day).

  • ydnas

    there’s so many things wrong with these characters especially the gold diggers. they are all selfish and don’t think about how they are ruining other people’s lives so they can have the image that they’re rich. even if they’re rich people will always see them as money hungry assholes lol and i can’t stand the aunt, she needs to leave

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      I more obliged to know who EJ & Suk Pyo parents are.

      There been hint that SP is not related to Mr Goo & Ms Goo.

      So is it SP is a mistress son?which seem along the line said ‘he need to forgive his mother’.

      I mean from my point of view,with these few hints,it seem SP is a mistress son.

      Only someone who is related(does not have to be blood related) can take over the company.

      Another conclusion,SP could be an adopted child.

      For EJ parents,it seem Mr Goo is close to be her father.But i don’t think so he might be his father.

      But from Ms Kim point,she said her husband was the one who brought in EJ.

      Is there a possibilities of Mr Goo ex wife & Ms Kim ex husband were in some sort of relationship?

      We still need more clues.

  • Safeenah Safiyan

    Everyday I tell myself I am not going to watch but I find myself to check if it has been uploaded and wondering why it is not subbed yet…..that aside I wonder why eun joo wants to get married? I really not like that phd holder man….he looks so greedy everyone needs money even the lawyer….

  • Drama Ninja

    I dont think anyone is getting marry this is more of a powerplay from EJ.

  • Drama Ninja

    Anyone who can read Korean can you translate the description for the next episode?

    인우(한혜린 분)는 근섭(이병준 분)과 결혼 할 사람이 행자(송옥숙 분)라는 사실을 알고
    적극적으로 부식(이동하 분)에게 접근한다. 명조(고병완 분)는 은조(표예진 분)가 부식과 결혼하려는 게 속상하고 한 편,
    은정(전미선 분)은 전당포 다이아에 짝퉁 물건을 들여놓는데…