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Episode 31 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 31 Engsub
Air date2017-12-26

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 31


  • ydnas

    in woo is exactly like her father and bu sik. like the scum she is, she deserves bu sik.

  • Drama Ninja

    HJ does not trust you or the lawyer lol,nor does the brother.

  • JustMyOpinion2990

    I felt that in life,it sometimes it either the parents fault or financial situation.

    Because of parents separation,children can’t get married to their own choice because of family objection.

    As we seen here,it most likely EJ & SP are adopted child.

    Of course their parents want them to live a better life or someone with a certain/equal standard.

    To me,Ms Kim did no wrong in questioning whether Busik family can afford a house,however,being a long time friend,i am sure some in law are accomodative.

    I have 1 cousin & cousin in law who married to a well income family despite each of them are not financially stable yet.

    So after marriages,1 of my cousins live with the in law & alternate live with his family until he is able to afford a house.

    Now i am saying that Ms Kim is not wrong,however she shouldn’t be too strong on it as it can happen if MJ dated In Jung.

    In Jung mom will ask the same question to her.

    To me,if an in law can be accomodating & understanding,why can’t Ms Kim.

    Ground Rule is you need to know what Busik can afford,not what he can afford.

    As much as lawyer can sometimes be rich,they sometimes can lose an income if there is no client.

    I just felt that in life,as a parents,we should be more understanding.

    Whether EJ reject Busik or accept SP,it up to EJ.Ms Kim should just handle basic matters.

    Same reason applies to Busik mom.I understand why she may dislike In Woo but like In Jung due to their education.

    This fault lies with their parents & financial situation.

    If only In Woo was a college graduate & degree holder,i bet Busik mom will accept In Woo.

    However i too feel the same with Busik.when you know your mom friend children for too long,you kind of felt you only treated them as younger siblings.

    I think this show is telling about ‘don’t give up just because of your family situation.try until you succeed.’

    • dutchessdioji


      • JustMyOpinion2990

        Dude,what your problem?

  • JustMyOpinion2990

    Why In Jung has less airtime..she the cutest with EJ.

  • yukino yukinoshita

    welp, i just want eun jo and suk pyo to be together and in jung and myung jo aghsjkjk.. we have 89 episodes left though so there’s still a chance

  • Safeenah Safiyan

    I don’t want haeng ja ahjumma to get married to that Dr. I don’t know if I can continue watching but I always come back to check if it is subbed….

  • Kpopcorn

    This show is really annoying

  • dutchessdioji

    In Woo and her father are money hungry opportunists without any regard as to how their motives might hurt Hae Ja. I just hope he is found out before they get married. Both of them (In Woo and her father) make me sick!

  • Drama Ninja

    My god can you imagine if people find out how rich SP is?

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      Then everyone will try to appeal to him.

      Which is why his aunt acted like that,so that SP is tough.

      Remember how he was pickpocket his money & handphone yet he didn’t bother to give a chase.