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Episode 37 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 37 Engsub
Air date2018-01-03

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 37


  • stellapeable Nunie

    Finally somebody heard the father daughter tandem evilness.cuz ive been wondering how long InWoo crawling into my nerves hence its a long drama.she so arogant and have the guts.shes not rich yet just only a thought of his fathers sweet words.

  • ydnas

    the aunt may finally become useful.

    • bty db

      Hope she is useful in a good way

      • JustMyOpinion2990

        I felt like everyone seem to know who Eunjo is.

        I mean i not so sure,i guess when Eunjo is young,she might have did something bad that she was labelled as ‘bad luck’.

        It definitely has to do with Ms Kim.

        I was wondering why Ms Kim didn’t register the 2 of them as her children..i know EJ & MJ were brought in by her ex husband,so i know there a law..

        Something seem fishy about EJ that her aunt hate EJ.

        • ydnas

          of the things they have revealed, she’s adopted and i believe ms. kim donated one of her kidneys to her. from what the aunt has said, ever since they took her in, they lost their fortune because she’s bad luck.

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            I also believe that 1 of Ms Kim kidney could have went to Suk Pyo rather than Eunjo.

            We only knew she was adopted & Ms Kim donated 1 of her kidney to someone.

            It seem like only those working with Ms Kim know Eunjo situation.

            But i wonder if her friends(salon lady & lawyer mom) know about Eunjo situation since everyone tried to hide the truth.

            There must be something?

            My 1st initial thought was the Aunt might be Eunjo mom,but i doubt so.

            My 2nd thought Eunjo could be Ms Kim ex husband mistress/2nd wife daughter,maybe that was why Aunt dislikes her.

            My 3rd thought is that Eunjo is someone who her ex husband(from what the stories are told) found EJ & was almost dying & Ms Kim donated her kidney,so i guess that could be why Ms Kim kind of protected EJ.

            But from Myungjo reaction,it seem like he knew about it too.

          • Drama Ninja

            So many kidneys got traded lol

        • Jane Barmani

          ej is adopted she is not mj biological sister and not the father’s biological daughter, their family went bankrupt after she was adopted and in korea and most families that child then becomes branded as bad luck thats y the aunt hates her i dont blame the aunt even i would feel that way but i would be subtle about issues like that, i get that she wants to say the truth which is right because ej is 30 now so she can handle it but the aunt should slow her roll.
          i hope in woo and her father burn in hell. i can wait for mj and in jung to start dating they would be so cute so also ej and sp

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            I honestly don’t get it..sure they were bankrupt in the beginning,but was EJ the main problem?

            Nope..it was a single time they were bankrupt.

            When EJ has stayed with Ms Kim,has Ms Kim ever had any mishap/went bankrupt again?


            Yes i understand they were still under the traditional mentality,but logically,nobody would have said EJ is bad luck.

            Blame Ms Kim ex husband/Ms Kim for bringing in EJ.why did the aunt blame EJ?

            The aunt is being inhuman towards EJ..i understand the frustration by her,but currently,Ms Kim was not bankrupt.

            Unless they are bankrupt all along,then she can entirely blame EJ as ‘bad luck’.

            The aunt can’t even tell between a fake bag & authentic bag yet she think she has the right to judge people.

            People like her are the reason why the world has this kind of mentality.

            She think she has the right to say when Ms Kim was the one adopted EJ.she is basically an outsider to EJ.

            On a side note,i don’t like Busik,In Woo,Mr Jung & SP.

            SP may be a rich,nice guy but something about him(or his character/or maybe his poor acting) is too weak for EJ.

            Remember when he was robbed his handphone,wallet,yet he didn’t bother to chase him & when his car got towed away,he ask his aunt(his cousin) to pay for his car.

            He act so immature,a real man would have given a chase to the robber..no wonder he has been protected.

            His cousin has save the company while he end up in jail.

            Something in me tell me that SP is still acting like a young kid.

            It time for him to grow up & take action.

            To be honest,his cousin has the right to lecture him.

  • Drama Ninja

    As always the lawyer is a piece of crap that think he owes EJ

  • Drama Ninja

    EJ and IW gets in a fight the next episode looking at the preview.

    • bty db

      I dont see the preview here.

      • Drama Ninja

        its on youtube.

  • bty db

    I hate that doc’s elder daughter. She’s one crap in the whole show.

  • starrynights

    in woo just sipping her tea smiling evilly is so funny LOOOOL. i really like the relationship between in jung and myung jo they’re so cute ahah! and the aunt might be rude and annoying but her nosiness finally came in handy. also the lawyer needs to stop i am TIRED OF HIM why can’t he just focus on his work??? stop trying to make money through marriage.