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Episode 38 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 38 Engsub
Air date2018-01-04

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 38


  • Drama Ninja

    lol IW is a coward

    • Jane Barmani

      where she imagined beating up ej was funny and stupid

  • bty db

    That elder daughter says she deserves the beauty centre????What the hell.its not even her father’s. And how the hack even her mother supports her. Ppl like this actually exist???

    • stellapeable Nunie

      shes totally insane.shes hopeless to be rich because of the lawyer she knew that the lawyer choose EunJo for money. we know that this is a war of gold diggers so may the best man win so annoying that is why i skip those repetitive scenarios like in every episode lol.

  • 매디

    U skip the old people’s parts too

    • stellapeable Nunie

      lol yeah.and this scum prof just manipulating the innocent old woman.ajusshi getting into my nerves everytime he play mister nice guy ugggghhhhh.

      • 매디

        I way he believes that his daughter deserves everything the ahjumma has is flipping disgusting

  • Rachel

    I get irritated watching the gold diggers so much that I’m questioning myself why I’m still watching every second of this drama without skipping …. started this drama for Sungyeol but his air time is really pathetic…can the main couple start having some sparks and progress soon 😭