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Episode 41 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 41 Engsub
Air date2018-01-09

Synopsis of Love Returns Ep 41


  • Drama Ninja

    In the preview she gave him the rings back too good.

  • bty db

    Just finished watching raw. I want wait for sp n ej to date.

    • Drama Ninja

      Seems they are working together episode base on the preview text.

      • bty db

        Oh yeah? Btw where did u watch the preview?

        • Drama Ninja

          I am talking about this

          행자(송옥숙 분)는 투자 설명회를 다니는 근섭(이병준 분)을 목격한다. 인우(한혜린 분)와 은조(표예진 분)는
          메인모델 코디를 하는 테스트를 시작한다. 동대문 시장에서 마주친 은조와 석표(이성열 분)는 일을 하며 즐거운 시간을 보내는데…

          • bty db

            Oops!!Sorry. I can’t read d script. That’s y need eng sub.but ghamsamida….!!!!☺

          • Drama Ninja

            I cant read it either lol just did the poor machine traslate and it mention that

  • Drama Ninja

    Bahahaha SP isn’t having any of BS crap.

  • ydnas

    lol it was kind of satisfying to watch bu sik talk about how he’s hurting because things are over between eun jo. the look on in woo’s face was so great, she deserved to hear it. to hear that maybe bu sik did have some feelings for eun jo. that he never had for her. SP needs to step his game up already. i just hope they figure out the old guy before he takes everything away.

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      Agreed,even if he was greedy,you can sense that he liked Eun Jo because of her personality.

      Since he saw that she not wearing the ring he bought,i guess he knew she didn’t treasure him.

      Ok if EJ didn’t feel right about him,why didn’t she tell Ms Kim that she doesn’t feel right about him.

      Rather than keeping quiet,everyone is thinking ‘she gonna marry busik’.

      I know that may be a couple ring,while i understand they are not engaged yet,she could have been the one to broke off.

      But she is right that a man can broke off if the other party does not appreciates the other party.

      We can see Busik if just keeping to himself,he doesn’t want to exposed that he saw EJ not wearing the ring,so he kindly break up with her rather than hurting her in the bad way..after all,EJ did not wear the ring.

      How didn’t it trigger anyone to even ask her,why she didn’t wear the ring?you know when you are engaged,you wear the ring to symbolised ‘i am taken’.

      Well at least she felt better now.

      Can’t wait for In Jung & Myungjo

      • ydnas

        true. there were many signs from Eun Jo that she was probably not as into as he was. I think everyone else had their own problems so they didn’t realize how she was feeling or how much she was faking it. Bu Sik was nice to her for the wrong reasons, his intentions were not right. It serves him right that she didn’t feel the same way because he wasn’t genuine about it. But now that I think it’s actually over between them, he’s realizing that he might have really cared for her and in a way liked her. But again, his intentions were wrong and he let his true colors slip when he starting being mean to Eun Jo and wasn’t that fake persona anymore. It was bound to happen, he couldn’t hide his true intentions forever. Things might get interesting if he tries to fight for Eun Jo because he actually likes her but money might mean more to him than love. It was just satisfying to In Woo realizing that Bu Sik might have actually loved her and his honest feelings came out when he was drunk. She deserves it HHAHAH. She’s a bitch and she should learn from her little sister who seemed materialistic but has some sense. I hope things progress with SP and Eun Jo. But I hope they figure out the old guy first because he and his daughter are going to try to destroy the family and throw them under the bus.

        • JustMyOpinion2990

          Well don’t worry,Ms Kim gonna donated all of her money.

          They won’t get a single cent even EJ & MJ.

          Once Busik has regain his own self,he might be able to stop both father & daughter scheme.

          I believe once Mr Jung did something wrong,Ms Kim under Busik guidance can sue him.

          Can dishonesty be sued?

          The only way In jung & Myungjo can date is when Busik put his head in the right direction & separate Mr Jung & Ms Kim.

          Whatever happen next between Busik,EJ & SP,it up to them.

          The main priority is to separate Mr Jung & probably put Mr Jung & In Woo in jail.

          In Woo hit EJ while in working hours(that basically intern hitting another intern).

          In Woo really need to be alive..she really need to scold In Woo yet she let In Woo run her.

          • ydnas

            Didn’t Haeng Ja say she wanted to give EJ and MJ her assets? I’m sure she wants to give them something and donate the rest because she thinks of them as her own children and she can do it even if they aren’t registered as her own children. Bu Sik is still not a character I would trust. Even if he has feelings for EJ, money means a lot to him and he will probably choose that over love. At this point, Haeng Ja can’t even trust him because Mr. Jung has already talked to him about his plan about moving assets under his name and if he goes to In Woo he will get a piece of the cut. I wouldn’t trust Mr. Jung or Bu Sik.

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            I totally agree about that.but if Busik stay like this,it hard for Ms Kim to get someone to protect her.

            Remember most of the mom has nobody to live with when their children are married.

            Maybe Ms Kim will stay with EJ when she is married.

            MJ will probably move out & live with In Jung mom.

            In Woo will move out & live with Busik mom.

            That said,i think that will settle it.

            Ms Goo will end up with nobody neither will Busik mom will marry Choong Bae.

            Mr Jung will still be penniless.

            But we are still missing on who did Ms Kim donated her kidney too?

            We knew EJ & SP had receive a kidney,but we are unsure from who.

            Also we are still missing on EJ & SP parents identity.

            Hopefully there no twist of them being siblings.

          • ydnas

            Ms. Kim has SP. If something were to happen I’m sure he’ll be there to help her because he genuinely seems to care about her. He called her when he felt like he had no one to talk to, so I’m sure he will be there to help him. And even if MJ and EJ get married, they won’t abandon her after all she basically raised them. MJ has even said that he stills her like a mother and part of his family. I don’t think there will be plot twist of EJ and SP being siblings because they are the main leads. If they were siblings then there wouldn’t be a “main couple”. There’s still more than 100 episodes left of the story so we might not have answers for a long time.

          • JustMyOpinion2990

            If we actually follow KBS style of weekdays drama,usually the main female lead & her enemy are siblings.

            May not be blood related obviously,either through Mr Jung/Salon lady.

            This is what i have watched from most of KBS weekdays drama plot.

            Sweet Home,Sweet Honey has almost the same storyline as this drama.

            However,we shall just wait for more clues..i am too eager for more clues as i don’t usually like cast added in the middle of drama that only play a bit part of it rather than something big.

  • JustMyOpinion2990

    Ok let give some ideas on who we know EJ parent is(following the preview,it seem EJ birth mother seem to know Ms Kim).

    So let give some opinion.

    My 1st choice would be EJ birth mom is either Busik mom or Salon lady daughter.

    It definitely can’t be Ms Goo as she definitely a few years older than EJ,so definitely not her.

    I don’t believe the aunt is EJ birth mom.

    The only logical reason is either EJ birth mom is working at the orphanage home that Ms Kim invested in.

    I mean it seem right that EJ must have been from the orphanage home that Ms Kim invested in.

  • Rachel

    Hyesung Investments? Is this where My Golden Life and Hate to Love You merge? 😂😅