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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-05-29


Lovers in Bloom Ep 1

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  • Chahida

    I was going to ask you to put this show but you already did you’re so fast 🙂 Thank you so much really appreciate it

  • Cherryperry

    Am I the second? The leads are adorable. Having high expectations……. ?subs plzzz…..

  • Mishawl Malik

    Is the male lead from hawarang ? ?

    • Chahida

      Yesss he is 🙂

    • Clarissa V.H.

      to be exact “BAN RYU” from Hwarang *^^*

  • Tala needs Lilly ✨

    The filming isnt the best quality and the story line is very predictable but im gonna give it another try

    • Tala needs Lilly ✨

      The acting too isnt the best but we’ll see

      • paradox.of.fate

        I have been saying the same thing. Kinda reminds me of a soap opera quality? lol

        • Clarissa V.H.

          From the looks of it, it is. or in korean drama genre they call it “makjang” as in family drama which has long episodes.

          • paradox.of.fate

            lol Thanks for the clarification. Will have to read some of the reviews later, I couldn’t even get past the second episode. 🙁

          • Clarissa V.H.

            ur welcome ^^

            Just FYI:

            You can tell/guess whether it is a 16-20 eps (more or less) drama through the quality of the filming. When you see another new drama like this one, it is most definitely a makjang (or in your term “soap opera).

            p.s. learned this through watching too many dramas over the past 5 years.. hehehe

          • paradox.of.fate

            Dang makes me feel clueless since I have been watching for almost as long. hahaha

  • J. Review

    The couple from Five Children!!

  • Mioo

    the actor playing the role of the late husban was the same who played her loving boyfriend in ”five enough” with her !! i think it’s a cameo!! it brings memories!!

  • Cuscusgrass

    Good first episode….
    All the sub plots/characters introduced…

    Even though it seems that she is allergic to alcohol …. she still couldn’t resist taking a tiny sip….. SMH

  • cindydoo

    Such inept people. Always knocking people down many times not even stopping to help.

  • cindydoo

    Of course, turn your wife into a SLAVE without asking her. So inconsiderate of women. Wife has to drop everything but men don’t even think she has a life too.

  • cindydoo

    Officer girl’s mom is being harsh. To tell a police office to think of your child and not do your duties to stay safe.