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Episode 114 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 114 Engsub
Air date2017-11-02


Lovers in Bloom Ep 114

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  • Ignis

    Oh Preview, where art thou Preview?!

  • Quirky Ajumma

    Ha! I knew Jae Hee was going to get tired of Do Hyun. Jae Hee knows all of Do Hyun’s secrets and it’s time for the payback!

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      That because they were long time friend.

      However,Jae Hee actually intended to destroy Do Hyun in the 1st place,i think that 1 of the reason he wanted to marry Bora.

      Though part of it,i sense he is also after Chairman Jin Wealth.

      However what does Do Hyun think he is the winner just because he has Senior Hwang on his side.

      He is seriously a loser,a jerk,i don’t even know why people pitied him in the 1st place.

      If Do Hyun ended up in jail & Chairman Dies,the real Winner is Bora.

      The stepmom aka Tae Jin mom won’t get any single cent..so why does she work for free?

      I don’t think she earn anything.Chairman Jin dies,she will end up nowhere.

      She can’t live at Tae Jin house as it is packed with the hot blooded grandma & the akwardness between mom & step mom.

      Grandma need to accept Moo Goong Hwa.she did nothing wrong.

      She still has a respectable job,i don’t get it why she being looked down just because she was a single mother.not like her ex husband cheated her..her husband died.

      This is one examples where you judges a person without trying to see the truth.

      Yes Tae Jin dad were a different case since they were old,but i understand Goong Hwa is still Young..so what?

      • Quirky Ajumma

        Yes, I think also that if Chairman Jin dies and Do Hyun goes to jail all the wealth will go to Bo Ra. However, Bo Ra thinks of Ms. Heo as her mom and will give her some of the wealth or at least buy a house for her.

        • JustMyOpinion2990

          I agree but as of now,i think Bora don’t know Ms Heo is Tae Jin Real Mom.

          So now Su Hyuk & Goong Hwa got the idea why Bora distances herself,but i think they will end up separating from the mom knowing how GH mom act likes..i notices she usually take a few days before she realise she being harsh on Bora.

          I hope GH mom understand Bora situation.

          I wonder if Bora will respect Ms Heo as her mom if she knew everything about her own doing.

          I just want Ms Heo to end up penniless,she is just an evil bitch who ditch her ex husband for Chairman Jin.

          But to me,it seem like Chairman Jin didn’t knew Ms Heo background back then when he knew Ms Heo ex husband work as a guard in his company.

          I hope TJ mom will become nicer & just let TJ marry GH.

  • Loose ends to tie up:
    How will GH be accepted by TJ’s family (daughter reveal to grandma)?
    When will Grandma approve of GH?
    Will TJ forgive or atleast start talking to his mother?
    Will DH face consequences of his prior accident which killed GH’s husband?
    Will Chairman Jin to wake up? Will the wife to stay or go?
    Will the Chief Inspector and Chairman Jin face consequences of their wrong doings?
    When will GH’s mom find out the truth about the accident?

    Tied up in 113:
    TJ and GH getting back together?
    How will SH and BR get back together?
    When will gram find out Woori is GH’s daughter?
    When will SH find out the truth about the accident?

    6 eps to go..

    • Gachip

      I don’t care much fo the loose ends , i want some action between GH mom and chief lee. 😀

      • hahahaha! Ah yes! I forgot about them! that would be so cute!

  • FreeSpirit