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Episode 115 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 115 Engsub
Air date2017-11-03


Lovers in Bloom Ep 115

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  • Ignis

    next week is the last week of this drama

  • JustMyOpinion2990

    Who was the one who say Do Hyun was a nice person?

    He is a jerk who run away from his own mistakes.

    • Kpopcorn

      Never liked him ?

      • JustMyOpinion2990

        He is a jerk..

        GH is really dumb lady..not coming with a arrest warrant?really?

        I know it unconfirm yet,but evidence has proved it was DH.

        Why can’t they arrest DH,Mole,Senior Hwang.

        They knew this 3(4 if you include Chairman sick fuck you Jin) were involved.

        No need to be so detailed when they knew they were related to 1 case.

        They knew Senior Hwang fabricates the report,so why can’t they arrest him?

        Prove: ask the witness to come for another interview,then they knew who the real one.

        They knew DH was the killer.

        Prove: the witness.

        They knew Mole was just a bait,but was cohabiting with DH.

        Prove : Just let Mole reveal the whole truth.Once he speak up,everything will end.

        Seriously are Korean police that slow enough not to know who is involved.

        It also seem Chairman Jin loses his memory & can only remember his kids as still schooling.

        I really had enough with GH antics..she can be really that dumb enough.stop meeting DH & just focus on your Team Leader,your future husband,Cha Tae Jin.

        This is the reason why he left you in the beginning.

        Just because your slut mom love DH,you should have bring TJ to her house.

        How many times has TJ visited her house?

        Just because Woori is not liking TJ,you force him not to come?seriously GH..taught the kid who is right & wrong.

        Tell the kid that DH kill her dad.simple enough.

        The kid will learn it..the more she not telling Woori,the more Woori will distances herself from TJ.

        Seriously i just hate GH character.just buck up..follow your heart..

        You told your brother to forgave Bora,but what about yourself?

        You told your brother to move out if they need too,you told your brother to accept bora,but she put herself behind.

        Seriously GH.i am more mad at this lady character than DH.

    • Cypher Trio

      I know right? There were a bunch of people defending him throughout the whole drama, where are you guys now? why is none of you not jumping on his dick any more like you were doing? ???