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Episode 12

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Episode TitleEpisode 12
Air date2017-06-12


Lovers in Bloom Ep 12

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  • anndreina

    I have waited all the week for this!

    • stellapebble

      Same here

  • stellapebble

    Thank you

  • stellapebble

    13:36 i like ajumma blouse brand its my fave except her so annoying.

  • tamry

    im a bit confused, what about joon-hee’s mom? wont she know about the father’s pretense to be the real dad? she must be knowing the real dad is dead right?

    • imchaeyeon

      No, no one knows that the real Byun Han Soo is dead. His father and his mom has separated during the accident, and they just took his identity and went back to korea. The one that they thought is dead is the current father.

  • wellwell

    At times like this dont you just love an older sister like Hyeyoung