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Episode 19

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Episode TitleEpisode 19
Air date2017-06-12


Lovers in Bloom Ep 19

Synopsis of Lovers in Bloom Ep 19


  • Adriana Demitrio

    I think Ji hoon will get rejected then date the debutee but CWS will get jealous and slowly realise her feelings towards JH. at first i was like woo seung and hyun jae were made for each other but we all know it won’t work out.

  • stellapebble

    I really like KimMinJae he is more cuter in person than on screen. i was so worried that JH wont be able to confess to WooSeung have feelings for HJ.at least now his father knows that his son have been feelings for the girl that he has been kinda interested in without knowing.

  • paradox.of.fate

    They were so cute together, but old friends have a hard time going beyond that friendship. Besides, she already speaks to him as a younger brother, don’t think she will be able to see him as anything else? Maybe his crush on her is like the young boy having a crush on his babysitter… hard to see it 10 years later as a couple?