1 Season 24 Episode

Episode 24

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Episode TitleEpisode 24
Air date2017-06-12


Lovers in Bloom Ep 24

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  • Dandelion&Burdock

    As a Subway employee, I find the shameless way kdramas promote Subway absolutely HILARIOUS!!!

    • Vathma Kalhari

      same man, and I dont’ even work at Subway lmao

  • Nivethethaa

    I couldn’t open any of the given 3 links. Even couldn’t open open load.what should I do?

  • AshGod

    Finally he know about her daughter.

    • Mioo

      yes ! but what a choc he had !! lol

    • Nabila

      Ahahaha I thought the same. He didn’t see that coming.