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Episode 51 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 51 Engsub
Air date2017-08-07


Lovers in Bloom Ep 51

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  • Nabila

    Ahahahahha I love the slap GH gave ?? Goooo girl!

    • That was crisp!

      • Nabila


    • ShoRyuu
      • Nabila

        Ahahahaha thank you!! I replayed that scene like 1000 times ??

    • prettylife101 .

      Ikr??!!! I was SLAP HIM AGAIN ?

      • Nabila

        Ahahahaha he definitely deserves more, but what does lkr mean? ?

        • Miss-Gaara Rose

          Ikr is short for “I know right” You welcome hehe ?

          • Nabila

            Ahahahaha Thank you! I didn’t know that ??

    • reppinGAalways

      i can’t wait to see the rest of what happens and to see that slap again tomorrow, he deserves much worse.

      • JustMyOpinion2990

        Here my thought.

        DH deserve all that..

        Stepmom make it worse.however the lawyer seem to just play along but at the same time seem very nice,like the way he said to DH,it over once Bora get back to SH.

        Everytime i see the lawyer,he kind of hate DH & how his family treated Bora.

        It seem like lawyer was not interested in bora in the 1st place.

        Now DH know that SH & GH are siblings..he just fuck it since day 1.

      • Nabila

        Indeed! Sooo stubborn and arrogant, I can’t stand him.

  • ShoRyuu

    $20,000 dollar for rent? wtf? thats a year worth?

    • prettylife101 .

      20000 won is like added $200

      • ShoRyuu

        the sub said 20 thousand dollar thats why i questioned

  • Emjay29

    Luv that part as well and the lovey-dovey moments with Tae Jin ?

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    ?t? That is what I was waiting for 50 episodes. It is about time he got a taste of his own medicine. This episodes was the best so far……That slap sealed it for me.

  • Askywalker

    goonghwa is such a cool sister to suhyuk 😀
    that slap was so fulfilling
    i mean JDH isn’t that bad of a guy (sometimes) but he deserved at least one slap

  • FreeSpirit

    …aaaah doesn’t that feel so good!!!!!!

    • Huba_Huba

      Oh YEAH! This is the moment I’ve been waiting for more than anything else 🙂

      • FreeSpirit

        IKR?! ?
        He really deserved it at this point ???

  • coco_mamii

    Hahahahaha nice one GH, now that’s a freak’n slap hahaha he so deserved that. Now he will never have a slight chance, (not like he even did) ever being in her life hahaha good job!!! Jerk!!!

    Don’t even try and miss with her family she will fight you hahaha

    Poor BR ;(