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Episode 53 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 53 Engsub
Air date2017-08-09


Lovers in Bloom Ep 53

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  • Nabila

    It’s escalating quickely ?? we have a long road to go, but the secrets are revealed one by one this week ?

    • prettylife101 .


  • Zam Well

    subbing this show realquick.. Love it!

  • prettylife101 .

    Seriously that lawyer and Bora’s dad get on my nerves! Like they are so annoying! Plus Bora dad need to keep his freaking hands to himself

    • Cypher Trio

      Add the stepmom in cus I really hate her as well.

  • Miss-Gaara Rose

    That snake lawyer is quickly becoming my top hated person on the show.

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      Why should you hate him?

      He basically doesn’t want to reveal Su Hyuk,but he have to.

      He doing it because he has no chance to be with her & also to rule out DH forcing Goonghwa dating him.

      It will be the lawyer who will exposed Goonghwa also.

      • Miss-Gaara Rose

        I hate him because he knows that Bo Ra is not interested in him but he is using the fact that he is preferable to the family to sneak on her. That is not love to me. He should stay the hell away from her when she is hurting like that…but NO he is adding fuel to the fire. He did a lot of shady things like trying to sabotage the ad deal Su Hyuk had with Bo Ra brother.