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Episode 63 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 63 Engsub
Air date2017-08-23


Lovers in Bloom Ep 63

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  • Zam Well

    i don’t even watch the final episode of bride of the water god.. and im here.. watching this in RAW…

  • Zam Well

    faster.. sub it.. 😀 need to watch this before the final epi of BotWG

  • Zam Well

    wah.. subbed again so fast.. kamsahamnida

  • Hogwild

    The fact that Woori is meeting a guy named Mr. Tall should be panic on her as a mother. I would not dare let my daughter at that age play unattended.

    • FreeSpirit

      She maybe thinks Mr Tall is just an imaginary friend
      But I do agree , supervision is necessary at her age