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Episode 70 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 70 Engsub
Air date2017-09-01


Lovers in Bloom Ep 70

Synopsis of Lovers in Bloom Ep 70


  • Zam Well

    she cry, i cry.

  • Eldora

    Is it just me that doesn’t understand why his family is making a big deal about her having a child? Can someone explain this part of Korean culture to me

    • 매디

      Exactly I don’t get it either like you’ve seen TJ go through all the emotional pain when his mother abandoned him now the grandmother asks his girlfriend to abandon her child like WTF……

  • 매디
  • Quirky Ajumma

    The family believes that her child will be too much of a burden to Tae Jin. Plus there are inheritance issues, especially if Tae Jin ends up registering her under his family.

    • Emjay29

      Pre-nup agreement

  • Emjay29

    Most touching scene. Go girl! TJ loves you for loving your daughter, you made the right decision. They’ll soon realize what a good mother and person you are. ????