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Episode 9 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 9 Engsub
Air date2017-06-08


Lovers in Bloom Ep 9

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  • Cherryperry

    can’t watch it in either of the two players. please fix it.

  • Mioo

    she was so cool in this episode !!

    • Cherry Ann Caballero

      I bet Dong-hyun will fall for her and that would change him.. at least a bit hahaha!!

      • Mioo

        yes i think too !! she fits his description of the woman he wants to marry….
        i want to see their expression when they will know that she’s been married and have a kid hhhh !

        • Cherry Ann Caballero

          me too…I actually hate his character but in reality he’s my type of guy LOL!! I’m excited to see when he starts to feel something for her ??

          • Mioo

            me too ?!

          • Cherry Ann Caballero

            Im glad that there’s someone out there who likes this show too.. hehe..

          • Mioo

            i am glad too ! it’s a good and simple daily drama hope others will discover it soon !!

          • Cherry Ann Caballero

            trueeee… but Im skipping some of the scenes tho hehehe… I think I have to be more patient since I dont see much of interaction between Goong-hwa and Do-hyun…I ship them ? wohooo…

  • Ricky Matthews

    I want to box