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Episode 90 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 90 Engsub
Air date2017-09-29


Lovers in Bloom Ep 90

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  • DyingtobeinKorea

    umph!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Quirky Ajumma

      Oh come on, don’t be too upset. It’s just that there has to be…you know…drama.

      • DyingtobeinKorea

        yeah 80 episodes of nonsense drama LOL Now the weekend is here and I look forward to beating up Yang Dalhee from Sister is Alive LOL

      • JustMyOpinion2990

        The one being an idiot is Goonghwa.

        What her bf come her house & she reject him just because Do Hyun is at her house?

        She reject him just because Woori prefer Do Hyun than Tae Jin.

        She better just being a single mother all the way if that is how she treat her bf.

        I mean fuck off her child & her mom..

        She should follow her heart & not follow the situation.

  • FreeSpirit

    Can i ask how many more times they’re gonna break up ?

    • DyingtobeinKorea

      as many times as it takes before the very last episode :LOLOL

      • FreeSpirit

        TRUEEE ??