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Episode 1 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 1 Engsub
Air date2017-09-02


Man Who Sets The Table Ep 1

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  • FreeSpirit

    The humour in this drama ????
    It’s ep1 and I’m already loving it !
    If it wasn’t for Sooyoung I probably wouldn’t have come bcuz I’m already juggling a lot of dramas ?
    But good thing I did ?

  • Chatelaineces

    This is a 50-episode drama replacing You Are Too Much. What a relief! This looks like a fun drama that intends to tackle serious family issues like graduation from marriage/divorce and emotional harassment/verbal abuse of children. This is the second time I have heard of graduation from marriage. The first time was in Father Is Strange. Fortunately, in that drama the lack of communication between spouses leading to misunderstanding and personal distance was stemmed by children determined to fix their parent’s marriage. For the 60 and older married couples, the male dominant father was the norm specially if the man was the sole bread winner. Wives are subservient, have no say and are powerless to protect their children. The first episode covered a lot of material in comedic fashion. Soo Young and On Joo Wan seem to have good rapport based on this first episode. Let’s watch some more!

  • pffftt murdering someone by trying to kill yourself loooooool

  • Mariah Livingston

    I really like the drama. I am 100% disappointed in the mother. Your daughter almost died that day and you let your grown adult husband snatched some goggles off your daughters head, smash them on the ground and then call your daughter useless and dumb. After you watched and allowed that to happened you failed as a mother and a wife. I would have smacked that goofy right there on spot. Or told him that his behavior was wrong. You just standing there listening and watching him mentally and emotionally abuse your child. I know divorce in that time was unheard of and shamed in those times and especially in Korea but that doesnt mean you can’t stand up for your children. Tell him that is unacceptable it will not be tolerated. Everything that happened from that point forward was her fault. She allowed for her husband to continuously abuse your child setting an environment that promoted depression, suicidal tendencies, and self harm. I am glad she finally left him i wish she would have done something i mean anything sooner. It is her fault that her son is spineless it is her fault that her daughter is mentally unstable and it is her fault that her husband feels the sense of entitlement that he has. You can tell that she has never once spoke up about his behavior towards her children or herself is by how completely clueless he is about the wrong that he’s done. If you accepted it for 34 years then why would he think in ANY way that what he’s dishing out at this point is suddenly unacceptable? She housed his bullshit and it destroyed her kids and turned him into a bigger monster. Fun concept though. I like how everyone can speak different languages to each other on the beach and completely understand everything lmao. Makes sense. Gotta see more <3