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Episode 5 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 5 Engsub
Air date2017-09-16


Man Who Sets The Table Ep 5

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  • lol the ending

  • CananSamyeli
  • Innerpeace

    the son is worst than his father . Daebak, such guys should live alone for the rest of their pathetic life.

    • ThenAgain…

      amen to that! I’ve never seen such a blatantly misogynistic character in kdrama before. How these women can stand to put up with them is beyond me.

      • Hogwild

        Unless this episode pig man has a complete character change, I’ll drop show.

  • 매디

    THE rich mother and daughter re HILARIOUS

  • 매디

    Why do I feel like that her brothers wife cheated on him

  • 매디

    Why do I feel like that her brothers wife cheated on him

  • FreeSpirit

    Hide girl hide ?

  • vivi

    I lost my posture when the dad say that he forgives the mother for trying to break the family apart , that’s on 5:48, this drama can easily makes me angry

  • Hogwild

    Daughter asks her mother in law a question and answers it. Is it not proper to wait for a response? If these women stay in this household I’ll drop show. Last thing I want to watch is women get mentally and verbally abused.

  • Chatelaineces

    The ability to make your own money is at the root of a woman’s financial independence from her husband. Imagine trying to be on your own as an old woman when your husband is mean and inconsiderate after he retires. One, he will not give any financial settlement or support to his wife to provide for her regular living expenses. Second, the woman has no skills to enter the labor force and compete with much younger and better trained young people. Finally, even if she is able to get by on very little, one major hospital stay or serious illness will wipe out everything she has set aside. This drama is insightful that way. Growing old and being retired is one thing but being a woman without resources is disastrous. Asking help from your kids is embarrassing specially when your children have families of their own. I think I will continue to watch this drama just to find out how they spin married couples who look into marriage graduation and how young women define their roles as partners in marriage instead of being simply supportive wives.

  • vivi

    The male lead is such a good guy, he is assertive, nice, supportive, talented and actually acknowledge his mistake.