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Episode 2 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-08-10


Manhole Ep 2

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  • bananasweets

    watching raw ??

  • EmilyE


  • EmilyE

    subbbbbbbb pleseeeeeeeeeee

  • Kayla

    is it just me or he kinda looks like ji chang wook

    • Dawn Berry

      NCT Taeyong also reminds me of him.

    • Sab

      he does looks like JCW at first glance. this guy is so cute and funny in the initial episode.

  • EmilyE

    come on subbbbbb ittttt

  • EmilyE

    love dramahood because they are the best
    sub this episode c`mon

  • Lunae Carmen

    Waiting for subs~

  • stellapebble

    Now at least looking back the past she likes Phil then. but the thing is there is always a hindrance in each love story lol one of their friend took all her letters were suppose to Phil, and obviously no response of course in womens perspective why would i like a guy who dont even say a word of all the hints to make him the first move.And he get easily distracted and to top of it hes been irrational because of his feelings towards her so SooJin didnt think that he has feelings for her though she knew lately but dont paying attention to it because of what happen in the past his jealousy turn into comedic show.So now he is out on the manhole and be man love .at least he has a chance to justify himself and prove to SooJin his love.i love it already.cant wait for next week.

    • jana

      I am loving it and all
      But at the samd time i feel frustrated you know what i mean

      • stellapebble

        Got you! ?

    • Iwan Ridwan

      I feel both of Suu-jin and Jin-Sook seem like him and now it is really confusing and interesting. Even by time-travelling , the countdown still continue, Six days left to stop the wedding, hehe

      • stellapebble

        yep were with him! we wanna stop the wedding lol.

    • JustMyOpinion2990

      I am a little confused on the storyline.

      Is he changing every time the clock tick midnight?

      Is he coming back to the present time to find out about Soo jin?

      Can somebody explain why he time traveled?

      Is Soo Jin getting married straight after school life?

      I mean if she likes him,why don’t she pursue him?

      I mean his friends know they likes each other.

      • stellapebble

        Yes i think so. They graduated and have a job then SooJin met the pharmacist guy then decided to marry him.Remember on the first ep hes keep watching SooJin on roof wearing her hanbook then he was so helpless .then he keeps staring at her and its like a firefly flew and he try to catch it.then it was in sec that it shows at the manhole like small creatures talking they were confused as well.Then Pil received a wedding invitation and he run beside the manhole helplessly and miserably.Even SooJin aware of Pils feelings but Pil never confess to her she only knew thru their friends and secondly most of her letters she didnt heard any of those back from Pil.Pil cannot confess to her because he was traumatized since they were little that SooJin slap him.Now shes trying to show it to Pil but he is too busy attending his own emotions without looking closely enough that the answer is just right in front of him.

  • ShoRyuu

    wow this drama turned out to be interesting from preview

  • jana

    Why i am thinking about that i want him to see all the messages she sent him so they can understand everything and the end?From the start i am thinking like this

  • Dawn Berry

    LMAO His parents though I’m dying

    • Andy O

      And his teacher, too! They are killing me! Lol

  • eunmi

    It’s like his drama triangle now ?? wtf he turned into a gangster just by fighting that night

  • Iwan Ridwan

    aaaaaa this drama is really really good,………
    if you change the past then the future will be influenced also,
    is really getting more and more interesting, i can’t guess who will be
    with him at the end, i hope he will give up and fall for the second lead
    girl 🙂

  • justsaying

    so interesting!!!!!!

  • Peg02

    I just realized that the pharmacist is the killer in Strong Woman Do Bong Soo

  • “Amen, you idiot “

  • Momoko Florencia

    Anyone noticed the posters in her room when she’s looking at ther camera pictures? Is that Yunho and Changmin or am I seeing things?

    • Momoko Florencia

      Pretty sure they are ;___; and maybe even one or two old DB5K posters as well.. this small easter egg aaah my heart!