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Episode 10 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 10 Engsub
Air date2017-12-09


Money Flower Ep 10

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  • Mamley Quartey

    Finally she knows. I expected her to walk out on him, yet she is staying!

    • Mohammed

      Give her time, i liked how strong she is. She gave up on her love for him when she found out he lied to her for years. She threw him out of her bed. When she finds out who Pil Joo is, she will have reason to walk out on him.

      She is a smart lady, she is staying with lame BC only because she is waiting for her father to win and not let the scandal ruin his chance.

  • Mamley Quartey

    Sub quickly please! Finally meet her first love.

  • that mistress is so stubborn. cant wait for her to find out he is an illegitimate child.

    • Mamley Quartey

      Not even an illegitimate child; unrelated to the family she is clinging to belong. Sad episode.

  • ydnas

    lol the mistress is a bitch. she desperately wants to belong in the family solely for financial gain and honestly to get back at Mo Hyun for being with the man that she loves. i feel bad for mo hyun but i’m glad that she is not having that child and i’m glad that she’s getting back at the mistress for all those years of bullshit she was feeding Mo Hyun about being a single mom and shit by saying if you want your son to live as an upper class than she will raise him and the mistress is out of the picture. and finally she sees who pil-joo really is all along. honestly Cheong A needs to lose everything already lol

    • M.Drama

      Ha she messed with the wrong woman! Even though I feel sorry for the poor child I couldn’t help but laugh a little when Mo Hyun said she would raise him herself

      • ydnas

        yeah, the mistress got a taste of her own medicine for really manipulating and betraying mo hyun’s kindness for all those years. i think it’s going to finally hit Boo-Cheon that he can’t have everything his way anymore and that he lost mo hyun because of this betrayal. if they stay together, it’ll be a loveless marriage when mo hyun genuinely cared about him until he hurt her so deep. pil joo was right to beat his ass and to welcome the mistress into the pits of hell because she was playing a dangerous game getting involved and trying to manipulate the situation in her favor.

        • Mamley Quartey

          Agree with all the above. The old adage that ‘hell breads a woman scorned’. Now MH would come into her own and both his mother and BC would regret how they had underestimated her -cool water run deep indeed. It is going to be a long week to next chapter!

  • amanda

    i see no happy ending in this drama which makes me wanna stop but jang hyuk oppa is here and the story though depressing is delicious

    • DebraFan

      I have a feeling that Pil Joo will die by the end of this drama and I believe that this story is too dark and depressing to have any happy ending.

      • amanda

        i know right it’s making me anxious

      • Damilola

        I don’t think he will die. There’s just something about the writer’s style that feels so unexpected.

    • Mohammed

      The love story with Moo Hyun, the fact he must win to get this revenge will hopefully give us an happy ending. They both deserve to get a good life after his revenge. Jang family is terrible, Bo Cheon, his mother, the grand father. Pil Joo dying means the bad guys win and we cant have that in this kind story.

      • amanda

        i hope so because too much has happened and most of it caused by his revenge plan, mo hyun got hurt a lot

  • amanda

    good job pil joo your revenge plan broke na mo hyun she went dark real quick i wonder if she has become the typical depressed madam from hell who has no soul

    • Mohammed

      She wont get dark just because she doesnt love the man who betrayed her love, the useless husband. She likes Pil Joo already for being on her side when she find out he is the boy she havent forgotten for 20 years that will be the light to save her from this terrible family. Pil Joo looked real sad for her, angry at Bo Cheon. He will protect her from that lame family.

      • amanda

        i hope they team up and get revenge together this like glamorous temptation all over again

  • Do we really have to wait a week to see what happens to MY and PJ!! Loving how the writers are keeping us in tender hooks everytime the weekly double dose is done..

    I love everything about this production:
    – Jang Hyuk my main man always delivers and never disappoints..
    – all the other actors are also hitting the right points in their portrayal of their characters..
    – the pace is just right, with enough suspense, and intrigue, and romantic interludes through glances and spoken words..
    – the writing is top notch! i hope they keep this up!
    – the BG and OST are just perfectly executed for each scene
    – the overall texture of this production, the layers, are all being delivered by the actors, writers, directors..

    the suspense is not overly done
    the romance is interwoven between glances and conversations and you feel the chemistry from day one getting stronger and stronger

  • Athena Gliddon

    I want to see Pil Joo prevail. I want to see her have HIS child…ooh, so many interesting possibilities…makes me wish I was writing this show 😉

    • Lmfao same! I wanna see her have his child also!! But she’s already pregnant in this episode, so unless she has a miscarriage again lol…who knows..

      • Athena Gliddon

        I don’t think she is pregnant again unless I missed something.

  • niagirl


  • Damilola

    Mo Hyun’s turn was so quick and satisfying. It makes me ponder and wonder about the writers next plan of action. I will really love to see how they flesh out this story.

  • dutchessdioji

    Captivating to the very last minute of this episode.

  • Aleeha Butt

    Ughhhhh y no previews!!!!

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    Is Jung Mal ran naive or just plain fu*king stupid? Does she really not know that her idiot son isn’t a Jang and that he’s illegitimate? She can’t really be that stupid can she?? Come on now ??!!! :O)

    • paradox.of.fate

      lmao. So true!

  • paradox.of.fate

    You don’t get your cake and eat it too Bub! Ha, she officially cut you off! Good for her. With the last 5 minutes, we get to see that she will finally find out he is alive and within reach. Woot! Can’t wait for them to join hands in their revenge!!

  • UriDijun

    He should have hurt him so much more than that. I wish I could hurt that stupid idiot.

    The cliffhanger, finally!

  • Yoo Seo Won is so fucking stupid to put her child in potential danger by bringing him to his father’s house. She deserves everything she gets (except death lol).

  • Wow Mo Hyun and Woo Tak (from While You Were Sleeping) would make such a great couple!! LOL…such angels in human form!! The best male and female supporting characters ever created! (that i’ve seen so far haha!)