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Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2017-12-16


Money Flower Ep 12

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  • Ok I’ll have to watch raw before going to sleep.. when I wake up in a few hours hoping subs would be out 🙂

  • Mamley Quartey

    It is going to get messy from now on! Please sub already

  • Cinnamon Carter

    I knew Jang Hyuk would not disappoint with his new movie. Loving this 🙂

  • niagirl

    So good, so goooood.

  • ForCHi

    The Jang family is a totally messed up family!!

  • Mamley Quartey


  • nilu

    12 more episodes to come…its already pretty messed up, what else is there to happen? Well, im def looking forward to it!

  • Aleeha Butt

    Sooo messed up poor moo hyun her life has totally been ruined

  • Athena Gliddon

    The best part is that you never know how much of this Pil Joo is orchestrating and how much is happening out of his control. You have to ask yourself why he picked her (and her father) to be mixed up in this cesspool of a family. Does he have some grudge we don’t know about or is there a long-term plan.

    • hey!

      He must have a grudge against her because right now her husband’s betrayal is looking like nothing compared this his.

  • hey!

    Why does the mistress/bm think things will be so much better for her inside that huge mansion if only it was her living there. She is always making such bad decisions that further hurt her lover/bf in the end. I am going to guess she is the one that reported that story online. Between the mistress/bm tormenting the wife and the real son pulling all the strings (which blows up in his face in the end) I don’t know how she will ever recover.

  • 5Zero4

    Totally enjoy watching Cheong A’s dog, Kang Pil Joo, make everyone his bitch. Pil Joo is the type of dog that bites the hand that feeds it. Looks like the old man provoked the dog once too many times.

  • Dramatic

    This drama is so good. I can’t believe he killed himself!!! Poor Mu Hyun that whole family ruined her entire life.

  • ydnas

    will pil joo and mo hyun end up together? i feel like they’ll just end up friends or something lol

    • amanda

      i said it before i don’t think we should expect a happy ending here too messed up i mean have you ever seen anyone genuinely smile or laugh so asking for true love is pushing it

  • Is the storm too fierce and unrelenting
    That love will not be able to weather it through..
    How much can one’s heart withstand,
    Or is this all a man sacrificing his love
    Self destructing by his own hand..

    • Shelley

      not self-destructing…. put yourself in his shoes…. they killed your whole family just because of money…. and they still keep plotting to kill him. If it were me, I will take everything away from them not because it’s my birth right but because it’s the reason they took away everything from me.. they must all lose it to realise it’s not worth killing and dying for…. a lesson only he can teach them. They must beg for forgiveness, get down from their throne’s and pay for their crimes…. if they don’t pay, sacrificing his precious love would be worthless… no the whole drama would be…..

      • I meant self-destruction in the sense that he is wiling to put his life on the line to make things right.. to teach them the lesson.. this his life is only secondary to his goal..

  • Ronald Harrington

    I’m not sure, but maybe, it kinda looks like it, but, I don’t think Pil Joo is a
    nice guy…..just a gut feeling….

    • Wann Liveasarockstar

      He is a nice guy, just revenge.. if it happens to you, you will do the same hahahaha just wanna take what is his rights. Bcos of these, he let go of his love haaaaiisss

    • amanda

      if he wasn’t he would’ve killed secretary oh when he had the chance although i do admit mo hyun’s life and family got derailed the moment pil joo decided to use them for his own revenge scheme that was not cool, not at all man in fact it’s kinda messed esp when you consider he’s in love with the girl he never drew a line and i guess that makes him a true jang, he might say it’s justified but they’re all the same only difference is some are willing to kill and some destroy the lives of the one they love (pil joo) but then again he did have a messed up life idk

  • Cinnamon Carter

    The one good thing I will say is, The Dowager Queen, I mean Executive Jung, has some dope ass sunglasses at the internment. I WANT THOSE!! I have some Chanel’s that look just like them. #sunglassesfreak

    • amanda

      omg historical dramas must be your thing they should’ve made your version as well in hell joseon kkkk

      • Cinnamon Carter

        I really do/did enjoy historical dramas. I have seen sooooo many that I always see how they tell the same story 82 different ways even if it’s a modern story. They’re all the same. They have the same basic dynamic.

  • Unknown

    This is really good drama…
    Someone can tell me the name of the song with de violin ?

    • Mamley Quartey

      Good indeed. Nothing better to watch so back here for a third take! Watched raw, then subbed and watching now. I was the same with Six Flying Dragons, Secret Forest and now this. So happy for Jang Hyuk for this drama and hope he gets an award for it. Its going to be blinding here on now. Revenge mode!

  • paradox.of.fate

    How is that possible when one of the previews announced him president? Dangit! It’s only going to make the bond between them grow stronger from their hatred towards this family. I can’t wait!!!

  • amanda

    well i don’t feel completely sorry for him coz he did sell his daughter for political gain

    and again pil joo your revenge has broken mo hyun’s soul…..well done 🙁 🙁

  • dori!!


  • Ronald Harrington

    Soooooo, they want us to believe that he killed himself so his daughter can stay in a loveless arranged marriage and his wife can be widow of a corrupt politician who killed himself……..come on writers, at least make some sense. …..he would absolutely not want either of those things, especially if it helps that family

    • UriDijun

      Agree, there’s no reason for his suicide other than make things dramatic. Besides, the fact that he died (if he died) make it impossible to punish his misconduct of receiving money, but doesn’t justify the misconduct of the one who gave the money.
      Don’t know if I lost something but makes no sense to me too …

  • Not that it was starting to drag or anything but the past 4 episodes or so, this drama really picked up the pace! I must say, i’m glad about that haha!! I’d rather it pick up the pace than draaaagggggg. 😁👍👍👍👍👍