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Episode 14 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 14 Engsub
Air date2017-12-23


Money Flower Ep 14

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  • Mamley Quartey

    Oh gosh! Hope he lives

    • ShibaTatsuya1263

      He’s the main character he aint gonna die

      • dori!!

        lmao true

  • bardo

    I’d say there are two possible scenarios:

    1) It’s Pil Joo with Mo Hyun who crashed and they weren’t in car (somehow)

    2) It’s Boo Cheon who crashed and is either badly hurt or dead

    That’s if I understand it right that Boo Cheon’s uncle is trying to kill Pil Joo by damaging his car and Boo Cheon’s mother trying to kill Mo Hyun, but Boo Cheon got in her car instead.

    • amanda

      correct and the grandfather is in on mo hyun’s murder since secretary oh refused her

  • niagirl

    So good so good so good!!!!!

  • ydnas

    i honestly don’t think any of them can die lol boo cheon has to live or jung mal ran doesn’t really have a point to be in the show anymore since she is the backbone of trying to get her son to become chairman. pil too and mo hyun can’t die either because they are the main leads and pil joo hasn’t gotten his revenge yet. i think they’ll somehow all survive. but one thing is for sure is that this family is so fucked up hahaha and sadly i don’t think there will be any romance between pil joo and mo hyun but i feel like they should include a slither of happiness in this story

    • amanda

      agreed i mean have you seen a smile since mo hyun got married and the house is so official looking why is there no garden for kids to play

    • UriDijun

      Agree! Maybe secretary Oh changed cars to protect the son 😀

  • dori!!

    oh fuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk

  • dori!!

    oh boyyyyy

  • 5Zero4

    I’ll assume he’ll survive and come back as the Punisher.

    • Sarah Baluta


    • amanda

      i see what you did there………that dude was good at frigging killing people almost admirable even

  • Andy O

    The agony of which car will crash first and the anticipation of the other 4 evil main characters.. Those last 2 minutes were great!

  • amanda

    well that happened at least now we know they’re family all 4 of them ordered a murder on the same day, but i think pil joo saw this coming a mile away i hope he fakes their death so they can take it down from the shadows or they just probably got out in time it did take a while before it caught on fire

  • Ivonne Dee


  • Three lives hang in a balance..
    – maybe MH fakes death to live with her father while PJ sets everything up then she later comes out to put the final nail in the coffin of Cheong A.. but too close to fake death reveal to have another fake death sequence..
    – maybe inadvertently kill BC since it was suppose to be MH’s car..
    – PJ has the most lethal cards so everyone is after him from the Chairman, to Exec Jung to Pres Jang and maybe even BC (jealousy over MH)
    – or no one dies or gets hurt, all able to get out of which ever car exploded – since the 3 of them are still needed for the story.. the tensions them gets more intense between the camps,

    Three factions who have reason..
    – President and son – to kill PJ their arch enemy
    – Exec Jung – to kill MH to get her out of the way
    – Chairman Jang – both MH and PJ are dispensable but maybe more reason to kill MH after being threatened

    Possible plot twist? PJ and MH have an intimate night (either by accident or want) and bear a child.. MH passes the child as BC’s (since she promised to have an heir) just like Exec Jang did with BC.. without knowing that PJ is indeed a Jang and that the child is a true heir.. maybe PJ will not know that MH’s child is his until close to the end when almost all the cards have been used..

    Lives in the balance teetering on a sword’s edge
    Subterfuge is the game they all play..
    Which story will be told, whose life will unfold
    Who will get their last say at the end of the day..

    Still the underlying love of a man
    A woman held dearly in the depths of his heart..
    Will there be happiness of at end of it all
    A world where they will not be apart..

    • Monie

      i like the way you analyze and dissect this drama, we await the next twist but then no chance of PJ and MH having a child 🙂

  • paradox.of.fate

    Dang, work again in 5 hrs, will have to watch this one tomorrow night. 🙁 But at least I got to read the comments which made it worth while. No boring episode this go around huh? lol

  • Phoenix S

    I think boo chon will die and his mother will realize she killed him
    And then Mo Hyun will get pregnant from Pil joo and they will run a DNA test and it will be a Jung
    That would be great but I can’t actually expect a happy ending with the sadness in this drama

  • Phoenix S

    The female leads are all healthy looking, that’s si awesome

  • Cinnamon Carter

    I’m going out in a limb and say it’s the Crown Prince in the car. This family is full of crazy ass mofo’s. Everybody sitting around waiting on death. Why don’t they just KILL THE KING!!! Easy leash. His chair he was sitting in looks like a baby car seat. Honestly it is getting stupidly boring. I’m just going to wait until they’re all finished because it is excruciatingly dull. The Dowager Queen and her skin picking is nasty. I knew when Pil Joo made the call what was up. I do however like how he is always a few chess moves ahead of everyone else. I think the editing ego make people think both cars were together because, how in thebhell could Boo Cheon be behind Pil Joo when they had left a secret location? He just happens to be traveling along the (EMPTY) streets of Seoul? Fortunately for everyone the streets in that crowded city are absolutely bare. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • paradox.of.fate

    Hanging by a thread, and not even a preview…dangit!

  • dutchessdioji

    Everyone is sitting around waiting for the next person to die. All of them are evil!

  • paradox.of.fate

    So why haven’t we seen any new episodes lately from the ongoing dramas? Did they skip a weekend?

  • 큥큥

    the only drama i’m watching along w prison playbook
    too good!

  • What days does this drama air, so that I can know when to check back for new eps?

  • Boo Cheon’s mother ripping the skin off her hand with her nail whenever she gets super pissed, is one of the most disgusting things i’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my rich eyes on in the name of watching a good drama. Ewww. 😷🤧 #dafuqiswrongwiththisbiatchhh #myricheyes

  • Mamley Quartey

    Missed the drama so much and came back for an encore. This witch might end up killing her only son because of greed. I doubt secretary Oh is involved because he wanted to do something for his son and had informed him of the car switch and have refused to help executive Jang to kill MH. The culprits are the other rival Jang who would want PJ dead to protect his son instigating suicide- hurry episode 15.