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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-11-11


Money Flower Ep 2

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  • ifeao

    whatttttt that ending OMGAHHHHHHHHHHH

  • newbooks

    I dont get the ending

    • IMFACT 나웅재 Na Ungjae

      well i think understand that he was the little boy who was trown in the water with his brother and mom and the lady who he hugged is the one who told his mom to go the that specific location not knowing she was set up to be killed with her kids. still confused who saved him maybe hmmmmmmm but when he wanted to kill himself the girl saved him which he remebers that?? and while he was in the water he then had a flashback to when his mom was drowning ??? he decides to work for the family ( playing along with them when its time to strike them ) who killed his family to get revenge ???????? thats what i got if im wrong someone correct me -_- meanwhile he falls in love with the girl who saved him from dying

      • Aleeha Butt

        Bt what about his brother and whos his real father?? Why did it matter if that guy died and whose the obe that visited him in prison????

        • IMFACT 나웅재 Na Ungjae

          oh i think his father might be the guy who was over the news being dead (based on the look on the mothers face ) wait he was visted ?? i needa watch over maybe i missed that part i cant remeber

        • Zdupy

          The father I believe is the same as Jang Boo Cheon’s. Meaning they are most likely step brothers.

  • amanda

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt.the actual f**k is going on here?? so its all about vengeance hey the question is against whom, i hope its all of them!!! the hug at the end was kinda creepy and weird like so so uncomfortable, so this is just like glamorous temptation all over again…vengeance, greed, backstabbing,deceit,betrayal,two-timing and obsessions…i love it hahahha bring on the carnage

  • boring.

    • Tajudeen Adedotun

      thought it was only me

      • Nigerian

        • Tajudeen Adedotun


        • Tajudeen Adedotun

          And actually I just took my time to watch the drama, and it is AMAZING..i only watched the first episode when it aired newly since then I loosed interest but I gave it a try and watched the whole thing and I’m hooked..

  • Jinan

    Another drama to watch!!! and it’s Jang hyunk’s. These 2 ep went so smooth but the ending tho!!!! Kang Pil-Joo seriously went through shit since he was young and I bet he slowly gonna pay them back… I’m excited for the upcoming eps.

  • IMFACT 나웅재 Na Ungjae


  • rockstar

    Stop cursing with those eyes.


  • paradox.of.fate

    He’s still a badass when it comes to the fight scenes. woot! Can’t stand Chairman Jang. She is one of those elite’s what only cares about money and her effed up son. Even though it’s just beginning in the drama, I’m going to be waiting for the time to come with his revenge, and Oh how sweet it will be.
    Btw, the young version of JH is already a great actor, will be looking forward to seeing him in more dramas in the future. 😉

    • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

      Glad someone else noticed, if he doesn’t mess up, he got a future in drama land.

  • Noeme

    Am I the only one that notice that the bird turned into duck?😰😵

    • dori!!


  • misya

    So Pil Joo is also a ‘Jang’. Illegitimate son of Jang Seung Man, who is Boo Cheon’s deceased father. BC is his half-brother, Exec Jung is his stepmother ( who ordered the killing of pj, his mom + little brother) and the Chairman is his own grandfather. So, he’s scheming to take over Cheong A as he is basically an heir too. Brilliant!! Btw, i’m loving the bromance between pj-bc…one is cold and scheming, one is a cartoon and stupid…

  • Lmfaooo @ “Use your words. Don’t curse with your eyes.” 😂😂😂

  • Carla Mitkay Jhashen

    Wow, I actually liked her, now, I can’t stand her.