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Episode 4 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 4 Engsub
Air date2017-11-18


Money Flower Ep 4

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  • Mamley Quartey

    Great- please sub asap

  • ShoRyuu

    I still dont get this drama honestly lol

    • exobts&etc

      same here like the main character seems to me like the bad guy like seriosly i hope im not the only one

    • Jinan

      Well, Jang Hyuk is the eldest son and he’s all in for revenge against executive Jung for killing his brother.

      • Athena Gliddon

        I think that he is the son of the oldest brother’s mistress and both his mother and brother were killed by either the younger brother or the Father figure of the clan. The flashbacks also seem to indicate that the wife was somehow aware and might have been complicit.

        • paradox.of.fate

          She sent them out there didn’t she? I’m sure she knew exactly what was going to happen, especially if his mom was the mistress? Guess all of them with that kind of money use it to keep the power huh?

      • ShoRyuu


    • Kon

      Are you even watching…?

      • ShoRyuu

        I probably missed major details someone cleared that up for me

    • itsokaythatslove

      This drama low key sucks, i don’t even know why I’m still watching it.

  • KDrama admirer

    Waiting for the sub

    • paradox.of.fate


  • paradox.of.fate

    Shock after shock. Guess you gotta decide between love or revenge. Just maybe after the revenge you may get lucky and find love. lol

  • Ronald Harrington

    Finally, in the next episode we can stop focusing on the idiot grandson…….what a moron, pregnant girl does not know what she’s getting, well she deserves him…

  • Mamley Quartey

    Watched the 4 episodes again! Great drama thus far. However, JH is rushing to inform the mother of him being the eldest grandson if she is indeed complicit in his brothers murder and his near miss with death, its going to be a bumpy ride hereon now. Come quickly next Saturday for a follow up.

  • amanda

    kang pil joo what have you done……….and way to dumb a girl up mo hyun knows nothing eish eish!!!

  • Lol I wouldn’t be surprised if Boo Cheon’s ex is pregnant.

  • Yo, this dramas!!! The ending is always giving me CHILLS!!! 😱😱😱