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Episode 12 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 12 Engsub
Air date2017-10-08


My Golden Life Ep 12

Synopsis of My Golden Life Ep 12


  • cindydoo

    Another stuttering Dad …. 🙁

  • Ino Yong Senpei

    Now she is sure she isnt the real Eunseok..now I am excited to see what she would do

    • cindydoo

      Hope they are successful spinning this differently with everything known so fast and then spending the rest of the time working it out.

  • cindydoo

    The older brother probably won’t learn his lesson until he see the girl he loves shack up with some poor guy but happy because they’re together working thru life. By the time he is all set and ready financially and mentally, he’ll be 98 years old :D!

  • Chatelaineces

    Funny how the heart does not choose for whom to flutter for. The refined second daughter, cello player, is bereft in terms of close friends and warm family surroundings. Everyday her regular companion is her driver, a good looking young man who is inclined to protect her. And she realizes she feels something for him. In real life, there are instances when very rich old men marry their nurses and caregivers. The same is true for lonely old widows who take on their dance instructors or even just their gardeners. It happens. It is ironic that Madame No is putting Eun Seok through a tough regime to whip her up to form to fit her notion of a proper wealthy heiress and yet does not pay attention to her other daughter. They may have gotten her a suitable marriage match but have not tuned in on her realities. Mrs. No might be in for a surprise.

    • Iheartkimchi

      Madam No doesn’t pay attention to her other daughter because she’s already up to standards. She already acts like a wealthy heiress. You only get glimpses at the crack in her facade when you see her dancing at the night club or wait for her mum to pay attention to her but her mum is too focused on organising Eun Seok’s room et cetera.

      • Chatelaineces

        That is so sad, isn’t it? Since the second daughter is already in shape as an heiress, Ms. No no longer pays much attention on her. It is all related to how her daughter appears in public and how well she carries her family name.