1 Season 15 Episode

Episode 15 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 15 Engsub
Air date2017-10-21


My Golden Life Ep 15

Synopsis of My Golden Life Ep 15


  • Fatin Faten

    when will it be subbed plzzz

    • lala

      do you have facebook acc ? i want to add you in my friends

      • Fatin Faten

        thats my facebook faten fatin layouni with the same picture in here

  • Ino Yong Senpei

    Maybe he will ask her to continue being Eunseok?

    • A.e

      Ugh Jesus I hope it’ll be not the case cause if it’ll just get worse

      • Ino Yong Senpei

        I hope so

  • amanda


    they could’ve just told us the condition omo!!! ji ahn’s begging is
    getting on my nerves seriously both her parents fucked up the father is
    even worse if you ask me he was against it but not once did he go to
    clear the error and he is always wallowing in self-pity about the money
    he once had instead of thinking what will happen to ji ahn if the chois
    found out, he frustrates so bad uuurrghh and now he’s even handing out
    fliers for the restaurant his wife got how hypocritical is that he
    better not faint hen the truth comes out he’s two-faced aint no excuse
    for his cowardice nah uh. and the chois can do whatever they want to
    them its like their daughter got taken from them twice that’s cruel esp
    now that they have feelings for ji an i feel sorry for them, and ji an
    is only worried about her sick and twisted parents who are the real
    villains here hiding behind poverty so it’s okay to hurt someone like
    that and your own child at that……………..NO people can be poor
    and still be evil and ji ahn’s dad just has victim disorder he makes me
    sick i fast-forward all his scenes uurrghh at least her mom is honest
    about it being about the money but they deserve jail both of them!!

  • amanda

    anyone ever notice the poster for this drama makes it look like a musical lol like that movie lala land its funny

    • Joon

      yes, i just noticed

  • cindydoo

    Big brother is becoming a butt-head…

  • vivi

    she shouldn’t have told her friend ,
    I mean, it sounds like a trouble in the future