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Episode 18 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 18 Engsub
Air date2017-10-29


My Golden Life Ep 18

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  • Chatelaineces

    Geez! Where will this story go? That kiss was so early in the game, only episode 18. This is the second time Park Shi Hoo is doing a Romeo and Juliet drama. The first was Princess Man. He was amazing in that historical drama. Now he is doing a modern day verboten romance. Parents are again the nemesis.
    I am preparing myself for an explosive confrontation now that even Vice Chairman Choi is checking out the DNA. Who sent the anonymous letter? Why only to him? How does this impact the power play in Haesoong Corp? Soo many questions. This drama has my full interest.

    • cindydoo

      My beef has been how the Mom dropped the ball – searching for your daughter for 20+ years and dealing with scammers all the time – but the final time you get 2 DNA results and you actually TRUST the person to tell you which is which???

      • amanda

        that was dumb on her part even the dad he didn’t ask questions either

      • Chatelaineces

        Agree with Amanda that it was dumb.

    • eunmi

      imagine if the letter was sent by ji an’s real father

    • OnsYeol61 EXO Biased ~

      I think it was sent by the secretary MIN, right she works for Eun Seok’s mom but she’s too suspecious isn’t she!
      the whole ep 17 and since ep 16 when Seo JiAn and Do Kyung asked her about the DNA test she was curious her look was . And if that’s right means she works under the Chairman’s 2nd daughter (the aunt)
      that aunt hate her sister’s family and she want theù to get in troubles at 1st she revealed Choi Eun Seok identity early to the CEO’s friends and now when S. Min told her that she found that Seo Ji An isn’t Choi Eun Seok she ordered her to write a letter to the Vice Chairman .
      Well that was my thought lol

      • Chatelaineces


  • Gachip

    OMG what and ending 😀

  • that was uick but i feel like he already had feelings for her prior to finding out she was his sister.

    • amanda

      i was so scared that the father might be following them and see them in this weird situation omg its just so frigging weird it was too soon for me!!

  • UriDijun

    damn… so much unspoken in that last scene.
    Really loving the flow in this drama ❣

  • cindydoo

    There’s the Dad again, standing there all silent, embarrassed and ashamed.

    • amanda

      he annoys the fuck out of me would not want such a spineless cunt of a man to be my husband are we sure he’s not a eunuch……..he was so tough in moonlight drawn by the clouds this this is just pathetic even if its just a character he makes me sick!!!!

  • amanda

    shit is about to hit the fan……….but if seo hyun gets together with ji ho and ji an is with do kyung thats a bit uurrghh like a thousand kisses all over again kkkk

  • cindydoo

    These rich parents believe and disbelieve for no good reason. The Father must have received all sorts of scammer messages while his daughter was missing and now, he should look at messages still with the same distrust. Yet, he reads that one message and now he’s all suspicious — why???

  • tamry

    FINNALLY!!! the dad finally asks the question I’ve been asking since the beginning

  • tamry

    honestly I feel no chemistry between the 2 leads at all. i think there was some chemistry at the start when she hated him, after that i feel nothing. I find all the minor characters stories a lot more interesting. I even skip through some of the leads scenes. I wish they focused a bit more on Ji Soo’s storyline

  • hey!

    The writers are moving fast. How will we make it 50. So much has been revealed already.

  • Iwan Ridwan

    the writer is from shining inheritance so i know this will be great from the start. i love the pacing of the story

  • Jevva Manies

    Damn…i think so much loving this sceen with ji an….??

  • ajul

    i wonder how the rest of 32 episodes will unfold … i mean 18 episodes already give me so many feeling …
    the fiancee will be in the picture soon, and i dont think he will be able to get rid his feeling
    and talking never meet again while he ask his own friend to give her a job … hmmmmm…

    also look forward for the development jisoo and sunwoo relationship, as now jisoo can pull a little normal …
    mr baker so cute with sunwoo’s sister

    i guess … the lil brother will end up with the lil sister? or perhaps not … hmmmm

  • phenphen alvarado

    End of ep18.so amazing story for me,great idea both of them,dk & ja

  • Jevva Manies

    Huuff i fell sad and craying this episo…???

  • Jevva Manies

    Yeahh… i am so happy do hyung oppa kis so ji an….?

  • FreeSpirit

    Dayy yyum
    Tht was
    Omg ❤️

  • Gachip

    less than a day grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr