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Episode TitleEpisode 2 Engsub
Air date2017-09-03


My Golden Life Ep 2

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  • Discaliber

    This might be a record for fastest uncovered birth secret

    • eunmi

      haha true

    • eunmi

      like you have no idea how stressed i was before she said ‘ji an’. I AM SO HAPPY XD

      • Discaliber

        Because they said it so early I’m afraid it might not be true. After I posted my first comment I stared at the picture at the top of the page for a while. Why is Ji Soo standing closer to the rich family? Why is Ji An standing right next to the poor father? I am very scared they lied to us and there will be even more angst later on.

        • eunmi

          True I have that doubt too but I don’t think so that’s the case, idk maybe there will be a plot twist cuz the mother is just watching ji an

  • Hogwild

    Knowing how obsessed this generation are with cell phones, it’s hard to believe it would be turned off for three days. I was like sure you would and if she applied for any jobs they would not reach her. Makes no sense but I understand it kdrama so put aside normal human behavior.

  • 매디

    I honestly thought that it would take at least 30 some episode to find out who her daughter is

  • kouzen

    Plot twist: she told the wrong one

  • Chatelaineces

    If you look at the wall poster you will see the arm of Sun Woo Hyuk (standing at the second row ) around Seo Ji An but she is standing beside Choi Du Kyung. The main poster featuring only a pair jumping are the main leads, Choi Du Kyung and Seo Ji An. This means Sun Woo Hyuk and Seo Ji Soo play second lead couple. My guess is that eventually these two will match up. If this hypothesis is true, Choi Du Kyung and Seo Ji An cannot be siblings.
    I am almost positive that the first quarter of the story will match up Sun Woo Hyuk with Seo Ji An as the rapport has been established early on, initially as good friends. Seo Ji Soo will prove to be the awkward third wheel as she has put her dibs on him with her “sister” which is why they cannot be lovers. Seo Ji Soo will develop into a good baker enough to put up her own business. Sun Woo Hyuk, the builder entrepreneur, begins to see her in a new light and eventually be a couple.
    In the meantime Choi Du Kyung and Seo Ji An will work well together in the company. Close proximity develops their relationship but cannot proceed because they are siblings. And here is where I pay close attention to the story as it progresses.
    Already I can imagine how 50 episodes can give us a great drama with many possibilities and variations. Yes!

    • Chatelaineces

      Major Spoiler Alert!

      Going through YouTube I saw a short spot suggesting that the twin that was killed in the motorcycle accident was Ji Soo and not Ji An because the mother was having a conversation with Ji An over what hair clip to buy. So that the child that strayed and eventually was run over was Ji Soo. That clip suggests that the “orphaned” child eventually became Ji Soo. The run over child was buried but her death was not registered as the family left for the Middle East two days after her burial. So it was convenient just to call her Ji Soo. Presumably her travel documents carried that name.
      Does it make any sense at all that the Choi family not do a new DNA test with Ji An just to ascertain that indeed she is the lost daughter? Will they just take the work of the mother of the twins? If the issue of who is the lost child comes up again, I will really be super disappointed.

  • tamry

    Kdrama watcher lesson: never take angry shouting mothers for their word! never!
    if she says its one daughter, then its 100% certain its the other daughter LOL

  • mary seng

    how could she just walk into someone house like that lol i would be screaming and telling her to get the f out like who is you why are you in my house.

    i loved when ji an beat up her “friend” for taking her job