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Episode 20 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 20 Engsub
Air date2017-11-06


My Golden Life Ep 20

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  • Christy

    lol i m disliking ji soo

  • Christy

    I’m totally disliking jisoo her selfish nature is elupting, let’s see how she’s going to cope wiht that golden family of hers as her brain contains only bread, Dookyung Abuji is doing things impulsively, there are merely focusing on the deception,
    they can’t see the real threat, I don’t believe that the blackmail couple acted alone there is someone behind the scene and that someone is the real threat to their cherished empire.

    • Maggie Vu

      Yeah, i want to know how Ji Soo can cope with that family. She’s not as smart as Ji Ah, the only thing she can think is about bread. She will get lots of troubles for sure while she lives in Haesung family!

      • cindydoo

        Course, you don’t need to be smart in a rich family, you just need to match their snobbish level.

    • Percival Jones

      Selfish? i don’t think she was selfish at all. She has all the right to be angry. She never really wanted to trade places with Ji an. She was fine with her family, but then to discover you are not really their daughter and to make it worse it seems they sent their true daughter to have a better life while you were basically exchanged prisoner. No matter how happy you were before everything now is twisted upside down. and to think Ji an knew about it and tried to push you away from there it would seem she wanted the luxury life while you got the short end.

  • Maggie Vu

    Ji Ah didn’t do anything wrong. Why did all ppl blame her? Hate her? I don’t like Ji Soo, so immature, selfish. Why did she slap Ji Ah? It was not her fault to switch them. So angry!

    • cindydoo

      Well, JS doesn’t have the whole story, just what the Mom said and what she overheard from the Dad when he was on the phone. So, she probably thinks JA was in on it.

    • cant call jisoo selfish in this situation. she feels betrayed by ji an so her emotions are valid. i would have slapped the whole family too

  • Chatelaineces

    Good luck in the big house, Ji Soo. You may feel cheated out of your rightful place but you may not be able to handle what you wish for: a wealthy set of parents. And you are already acting like Vice Chairman Choi and Ms. No.
    We have begun to see the melo in this drama already. There are dark days ahead for the Seo family. Do Kyung will need to figure out a way to at least return Ji An to a normal life and spare her parents from a lawsuit.

    • she has every right to feel the way she does tho. you know the full story but she doesnt. all she knows is that she has been lied to her whole life and her parents gave ji an to the rich family because they favor her. cant blame the girl. the parent take 100% of the blame. plus if she changes, then it would be sad that the mums selfishness resulted in her lack of trust and emotions.

  • cindydoo

    The Mom is terrible schemer, the Dad is spineless.

    Their children should “divorce” from their parents.

    • such terrible parents. this whole mess is because of them. if i were the brother, i would be so embarrassed and move out.

  • Mohd Razhar

    waiting for the sub…

  • tamry

    icb the cute guy turns out to be a swindler!

    are they trying to break the “second lead syndrome” thing. first in Because Its Our First Life, he turned out to be a stalker and now here he’s a swindler

    • Ino Yong Senpei

      Yeah and I was thinking how she would end with jian brother when she already has caring driver ( boyfriend)..Ofc they would make him swindler like ( because its my first time) lol

  • cindydoo

    The rich daughter is so stupid. You accept marrying for business, so you should have no pride. Get into trouble – tell your rich parents and they sick their henchmen to dispose of the dirt. Why do you fear your parents? It’s not like they actually “love” you since they’re using you for business benefit. Don’t start thinking family love now!!!

  • jiso made me cry. poor child. cant believe people are hating jiso. did we watch the same episode. i understand feeling bad for ji an but jisoo was also betrayed. imagine losing her parents twice. what did she do wrong tho. she just found out that her whole life has been a big lie so why the hate. she slapped ji an because she thinks ji an was in on the scam.

  • reppinGAalways

    ji an didn’t deserve that slap so i would’ve slapped her back after she explained. it’s one thing to get hit because you did something wrong but she’s taking her anger at the parents out on her and i don’t appreciate that.

  • amanda

    quite frankly i think ji an deserved that slap and the parents going around acting like victims hell no!! she knew that deceiving ms no was deadly so her whole theory of working for forgiveness was bogus and pointless to begin with how do you compare 25yrs of a child’s life to 2wks of work plus all that time they’re growing affectionate of you even more, for me ji an was a coward just like ji soo said and do kyung only went along with it coz of his feelings and they were there before he knew he was his “sister”. ji an is smart she knew that her work would not come close to buying forgiveness she was just too proud and embarrassed to admit that she was so quick to run for the money……. the mom got served nice revenge feed your kids with that restaurant if not they will see dark times knowing full well the kids won’t ever accept that money kkkkk serves her right!

  • FreeSpirit

    Ok… she just slapped her like ?! Ik she upset but JA also a victim GURL WHY U DO THT?

  • Gachip

    i dont know what will happen…how are they going to make it possible for them to be together….it seems very difficult.