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Episode TitleEpisode 21 Engsub
Air date2017-11-11


My Golden Life Ep 21

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  • Assumpta

    Here we go, Ji soo is going to give all of them headache, but i wish in the process she learns to be less selfish and recognizes her sister’s sacrifice, No Samonyim is more worried about Ji an than her real daughter, As I see it she is going to bring both ji soo and ji an in her house!!!!

    • i1992

      i think people are being too harsh with ji soo. she is a product of her enviromnet, she was always more shelterd, more spoiled so she grew up to be more immature and naive than her sister. She just discover something awful so she is reacting basing on she knows not what the audience knows. I think this process will her stronger and she will actually to something that ji an didnt do which is stand up to the biological family and not allow them to control her like they did with ji an.

    • cindydoo

      We’re talking about a patriarchal society. JA was an exception to her rich “parents”. She actually had talent. Otherwise she would have been raised like the younger daughter, someone they would marry off to improve some business partnership. Remember when the rich parents said they would give JA a cushy job and she was “working too hard”? Well, she started them thinking differently that this daughter actually has some worth and is not a commodity. If JS shows less talent, she will just fall into the rich daughter commodity subset.

  • Iwan Ridwan

    As usual i love secondary couple relationship in family drama…but this drama is really amazing that all secondary couples in this drama have good story. it is very enjoyable. the writer is so good hahaha

    • amanda

      yeah but its so awkward soo a just got married and this happens…awkward awkward awkward!!!

  • tamry

    another ep with just 5 mins of my otp couple ship. I’m just watching this drama for the second couple and third couple and fourth couple. I really dont care for the lead couple LOL

    sidenote: Ji Soo and her birth father look very alike

    • Helene Löfgren

      I actually thought that Ji An looks a bit like the birthmother…more than her own mother, I mean… 🙂

  • tamry

    Everyone hating on Ji Soo but she is my favourite female character in this drama xD

    • Iwan Ridwan

      umm, i cannot say i agree or disagree… ji an is wrong because she keeps lying, but ji so is wrong too..
      both ji an and ji so are actually good girls but indeed they have a different personality

  • KDrama admirer

    This ep is really sad 😔
    Bt I like the interaction between the second couple

    • itsokaythatslove

      i cried

    • amanda

      the song at the end when ji an passes out just makes it worse

  • cindydoo

    The writers may make it that the rich parents realize the “prize” exceptional special daughter they have in JA and decide to tell her to stay being ES. She’s not just a rich daughter barter commodity, she is a talented business woman that they, the rich family can proudly say we have one better than you all other lowly rich families – a daughter of business worth(like a man).

  • cindydoo

    Why do they write in these spineless stutter Dads?

    • amanda

      uuuuurrghhh finally someone agrees with me i hate jian’s dad with a red hot hot passion, so frigging useless and pathetic he is the one person who could’ve saved both girls from hurt he has no right to look for ji an i would cut him off completely spineless scum!!

  • cindydoo

    I like how JS told everyone off. It’s her life and she can decide what to do…
    She has to decide what to do and where to fit in.

  • sunflower2112

    I feel sooo sad for JA 😭😭😭💔💔💔

    • Pilar QTI

      me too 🙁

  • Pilar QTI

    “just because you’re right, doesn’t mean I’m wrong”… I Ji Soo has it’s right to feel the way she feels and so does Ji An. They’re both victims of this tragic switch, I think Ji Soo is great for standing up against the rules of her new family, that will hopefully help them realise how much effort did Ji An put on.

  • Dramatic

    Ji Soo deserves to be angry. She allowed to deal with her own life and decide what she wants to do. Ji An telling Ji So felt a little hypocritical. She decided to stay when she knew inside that Ji Soo’s parents didn’t care if she finished the event well or not. I think she was scared to tell the truth. I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be scared, but she did hurt a lot of people. If she had told when she found things wouldn’t have been better for her parents, but at least fo her and everyone else.

    • exactly. the first person she should have told was jisoo. the whole event stuff is straight up bull crap. her decision to stay and not tell is what is making jisoo angry. they will make up but jisoo’s anger is understandable. ji an will have to go back to that house regardless because of how ambitious jisoo’s real parents are. jisoo will have to deal with the double blow of not being good enough for her real parents.

      • Dramatic

        That’s true. I feel bad that Ji Soo’s parents will probably think she’s lacking compared to how Ji An was was though.

    • amanda

      yep ji an is a hypocrite she only worried about her parents so she had no right to call ji soo selfish

      • Dramatic

        Honestly she needs to realize what she did.

        • amanda

          and realize that what her parents did was just so shady as f**k and for her to only think about them and how not to get them punished well that’s just a bit evil if you ask me

          • Dramatic

            YESSSS!!! You’re so right!!!

  • i think the real parents are in for a long ride. they were lucky to have ji an who would bend over to meet their needs. jisoo is going to be too much for them to handle. she has a strong personality like her real mom so it would be hard to keep her on a leash. she fits in just nicely. every family needs that headstrong black sheep lol

  • reppinGAalways

    i can’t wait to see this next episode because they will see how good they had it with Ji An. I’m not saying Ji Soo doesn’t have a right to be mad but she got babied by everyone & does whatever she wants so she needs to learn just like that family how good she had it. I never liked Ji Soo but i really want her to torture that family because except for the male lead, i don’t like them.

  • Helene Löfgren

    I feel so bad for Ji An who is a hardworking girl with standards, moral and has good manners so she knows how to behave… How was she even the slightest related with that crazy mother? What mother does that?
    I do wonder who will find her in the woods? Until tomorrow…cheerio!

  • Peg02
    • amanda

      good looking couple

  • Chatelaineces

    Spoiled alert! Harakiri by sleeping pills. Ji An has the pride and honor of a Japanese. It is not suicide to run away from a difficult situation, it is an interpretation of an honorable death. In her tormented mind, her death is an atonement for the wrong done by her parents. A sort of blood money.
    We know eventually she will be found much like Ji Soo was picked up close to the gravesite when she was abandoned at three. Ji An is after all the main character of this drama so her character will survive. The shoe now is in the other foot. Ji An will now be a foundling. I hope the one to find her is that old man who works with dyes and textile.
    I love how this drama is so well written. They have got me guessing in all sorts of directions as to what will happen next. I feel the next few episodes will allow for time to pass until Ji An will be found. Ji Soo needs to experience the big house.

  • amanda

    well things just got depressing and ji soo delivering some poetic justice i see lol it’s funny to see the choi’s sweat a little and there’s nothing they can do hahaha, hyuk is irritating seriously who does he think he is?

  • Jevva Manies

    This episode i very sad to so ji an…😢😢😢

  • JadedForeignDramasAngel

    She’s just overreacting too much now. I mean, damn. She’s just a brat.