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Episode 22 Eng Sub

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Episode TitleEpisode 22 Eng Sub
Air date2017-11-12


My Golden Life Ep 22

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  • Anggi Barfit

    she lost her memory?

    • eunmi

      ugh that better not be true >.<

      • Gachip

        that would be too much….i really was hoping for the same pace drama…

    • Christine Ho

      I was thinking the same.

  • Mohd Razhar

    i dont think so…i predict she still able to recognize her best friend…

  • Mohd Razhar

    hyun yuk is her BFF..who always stand next to her in all situations compared to that don..key…

  • tamry

    Memory loss is very possible with the amount of sleeping pills she took. a side effect of sleeping pills is temporary loss in memory, and she took a handful, so for once its not actually a farfetched plot line, if they go down that route

    • Hogwild

      Who found her? How did she recover? I need more info. Hopefully we will get some backfill story.

      • Pilar QTI

        I feel you 🙁

      • tamry

        i’m sure they’ll cover all that in the next episode. one thing that’s good about this drama is that they actually answer all the questions without leaving plot holes

    • Fi4

      I really hope it’s not memory loss. It’s the thing I hate the most.

    • Gachip

      i don’t think thwy would do that because it’s only 3 days from the momment she took them.

  • KDrama admirer

    Rich mom getting punished by JS 😅

  • the black sheep is here lol. the rich mum is annoying

    • Hogwild

      And all that jealousy is for not…JA likes DK. JS of course will blame JA for Hyuk feelings. I hope you are wrong. But I could see it happening.

    • Pilar QTI

      i love ur avatar xD

  • Shelley

    I have this feeling the mom really threw away her daughter…..

  • Chatelaineces

    That was a quick find. The temporary loss of memory of Ji An may be all for the best. She has blocked the painful memories to oblivion. When she returns back to Seoul it is unlikely that Mrs No can do anything nasty to a person who is not in her right mind. Great twist.
    Ji Soo, even as she joins her real family, still refers to her adoptive parents as she used to. Unlike Ji An she is unfazed by all the trappings of her rich parents and turns on the guilt trip on them. She definitely is not presentable to high society in the near future. She needs major re work. And it is unlikely that she will willingly cooperate to studying etiquette, decorum and poise. Hahaha! Ji An may have the last laugh on Mrs. No.

  • amanda

    well i wish they hadn’t wasted an entire episode with the sad montages everybody crying and thinking about ji an why didnt they come together in one room and cry together for like 5mins so that we could move on now we have to wait another week uuuurggghhh kdramas!!!! well not much to say about this ep coz of the excessive crying but ji soo brings up a lot of valid points and i like how she’s making miss no sweat hahhha

    am i the only one who thinks do kyung friend is kinda cute and cool and calm and collected i actually would have preferred him as the 2nd male lead he’s so much more tolerable than hyuk.

    • Pilar QTI

      u really made me laugh with the 5min crying XD but I like the male roles as they are … I wouldn’t change anything

      • amanda

        but i don’t like ji an’s dad i really don’t

        • Gachip

          i don’t like her mom,….i saw her crying and whining in father i’ll take care of you as sunwoo hyuk’s mom…

          • Pilar QTI

            is not that I like the roles, but that is very well interpreted… it fully show how shameless people are and how they want to play the victim… that’s all I meant, I hate her father and mother, but the roles as they’re shameless people is well played.. I mean the characters fit the story

  • amanda

    or at the very least give ji ho and seo hyun 45mins and they cry for 15 i wouldn’t mind that arrangement seriously they seem to be having fun with the blackmail thing that desrves a lot more airtime if you ask me can’t wait for them to fall in love

  • dutchessdioji

    Like I said before, “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” and genes are powerful. I knew that JiSoo would surprise everyone with the turn of events.

  • Discaliber

    do kyung’s friend,”he’s drunk and he still won’t give me the full story”
    I’ve always liked scenes with that friend in them for some reason.

  • Pilar QTI

    is it just me or do they do this on purpose to make me more anxious?? why is the preview missing in every sunday ep?? I need it to survive T_T is a whole week and they got no compassion for the ones in need.

  • gaurav

    oh I just hope they don’t change ji soo’s character. She is such a sweet thing to watch. Even if they change I would love to watch her.