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Episode 24 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 24 Engsub
Air date2017-11-19


My Golden Life Ep 24

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  • Chatelaineces

    Major love triangle coming up! My goodness, Ji An, you have got to use your head instead of your heart. Hyuk deserves to be the one. He found you, was unwavering in changing your mind to return back home and again, produced the money to bail you out. Together you have a viable business. He designs furniture and you are a marketing person with strong art skills.
    Do Kyung is bad news bears. He has stuck up relatives who are vengeful, money centered and dye in the wool businessmen. He is their heir apparent, has a designated fiancée and has towed the family line all his life.
    I think I will be disappointed with Ji An if she favours Do Kyung over Hyuk at this point. Do Kyung needs to earn the right to be her man. At this juncture, Hyuk is the man.

    • Annie Lee


      • LaksFan

        me too!

    • from the drama poster, i am sad to tell you that you will be disappointed. i dont like being the bearer of bad news. the storyline already gave us a heads up of who the writer wants to be couples. hyuk sadly is the man for jisoo

      • Chatelaineces

        It is an extreme case of second lead syndrome.

    • cindydoo

      If only works bought us love. Hyuk sure is doing a lot of work, but love is not based on works. It may help, but why people hook up is still a mystery.

      • Chatelaineces

        Now that the English subs are out the friend zone reality is clear. The backstory on Hyuk makes this even clearer. Once, Ji An saved him. It is his turn now. Also, that conversation as they sat by the sea wall, it is also apparent to him that Do Kyung and Ji An may be involved in a relationship (somewhat). Still Hyuk’s character makes one wish it was more than just friendship.

    • Shelley

      I agree with you but you gotta tell that to the writers…. I think the taller guy is the better man as well…. but the writers have already decided their fates since the start…. I hope they would change it but there’s a very slim chance to that…

      • Chatelaineces

        The practical choice is Hyuk, the romantic one is Do Kyung. We all know how this will end. I just wish that she not complicate her life even further by adding Do Kyung to her already messed up life. But the drama has not yet failed us yet. These writers are good.

    • amanda

      I wouldn’t mind if she ended up with neither of them both of them have flaws that outweigh the good…….in my opinion

    • Chahida

      Totally agree!

    • Fi4

      Hyuk is okay but she has zeeeero feelings for him. I think no matter how much bad news Dokyung is bringing with him she’ll be happier with him.

      • Chatelaineces

        Sigh! The heart is foolish. There is a Broadway Musical song, As Long As He Needs Me, about a woman whose man is a thief, brute, and a thug. She knows it but…”When someone needs you, then you will know…you love him so.”

    • Gachip

      no triangle, hyuk is no match for do kyung. They realu care for each other.

      • Chatelaineces

        At this very point, Hyuk was able to let her come back home. At the very least she will be grateful.

        • Hogwild

          Hyuk may be a great friend but not his place to interject himself into her situation. If she asks for his help then yes be a friend and help. She wanted to be alone and probably was a break from having to worry about her family. The old man barking orders and her following them gave her comfort. She didn’t have to think.

          • Chatelaineces

            I think Ji An in high school gave him a leg up. His staying around to encourage her to go back to Seoul was his way of returning the favor. Although I think he also likes her in a romantic way. Sometimes friends need to just be around and present.

    • Mohd Razhar

      real man wont let his lover walking alone on the street at late night..that donkey did….he saw that girl but he doesn’t stop…

      • Chatelaineces

        Do Kyung saw her in the tunnel making her way for her old home. Unfortunately, he could not stop to pick up Ji An because he knew his father went to the house of Ji Soo to seek her adoptive parents in a very angry state. He wanted to spare the father of Ji An from his father’s possible physical violence. As it turns out Mr. Choi actually hit Mr. Seo.

  • Asma Khan

    Hyuk’s face after Do Kyung yelled, “Get down!” ….”Dude!! The fuck are you saying..!!???” LOL

  • Ronald Harrington

    Who the h ell does munchkin mommas boy think he is???? Hyuk, handle my little business and let me sleep….

  • amanda

    i actually hate hyuk he doesn’t know how to mind his own business, but i can’t stand ji an’s dad either now he’s gonna be playing the poor sick victim HELL NO, we don’t roll like that you aint gonna get any sympathy from me he’s just as guilty as his wife and no amount of fainting or coughing is gonna make me feel sorry for him it’s actually making it worse he’s going around stuttering in his pity party for one feeling sorry for himself ,disgusting!! this is why his family suffered for 10yrs in poverty every time something ba happens he feels sorry for himself for 10yrs…..what adult has that luxury, you say you want to find your daughter but you won’t eat or sleep why so that you can make her feel guilty about leaving and she would then blame herself for making you sick thus giving you more pity you attention seeking hog-man, at the end of the day he’s gonna make it all about him and his failed business!!!

  • UriDijun

    I have been having SLS quite frequently these days, not here tough 😎
    He finally found her! Even if it looks like they’ll just get into a fight..

  • Dramatic

    Do Kyung bothers me. No matter how hard I try to like him I can’t. Him trying to find Ji An was supposed to be romantic, but honestly I just found him annoying. Why is he even trying to find her? He doesn’t give a shit about Ji Soo when he acted like the only thing he really wanted was his sister. His mother is also rude. She doesn’t want Ji Soo to be her daughter what so ever. The whole family expect the Dad seems to dislike her. I get that she isn’t making herself that likeable, but everywhere she goes people just ask her about Ji An, and compare her to her. Hyuk needs to get over Ji An, it’s obvious that she won’t like him back. I wish he would look at Ji Soo. She’s so lonely.

  • Gachip

    why…i have to wait for another week grrrrrrrr

  • Gachip
  • Hogwild

    Really, was that an hour? Went by to fast. I keep saying I’ll wait until all episodes finish then watch. Crap, can’t do it.

  • Iwan Ridwan

    The plot is intensifying….
    this drama is really good, really good

  • newbooks

    I am glad jisoo is standing up to their weird rules and being herself at home