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Episode 25 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 25 Engsub
Air date2017-11-25


My Golden Life Ep 25

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  • Iwan Ridwan

    Why he just admit and said he love her, from what i see he is already fall for her too deep…. he is just too strict for obeying the rule of conglomerate

  • Chatelaineces

    I guess if I was Ji An, I would really just want to do repetitive work where no thinking is required and no emotions need to be expressed. The wood workshop is just the place. The metaphor is so apt. Her mental recovery is much like her woodwork. First, she cuts straightpieces of wood of varying lengths. Next, she is putting together drawers. At some point she will embellish her cabinet with her art. It is very hard to space out, disappear in the background and just lick her wounds. No chance. While Hyuk and his sister are giving her a hideaway and simple work, Do Kyung and her real father are pushing her to move on and move up.
    I don’t think Do Kyung is thinking straight. The Marketing job stressful and is not a good fit for someone who just attempted a suicide. Moreover, the more she succeeds at that work, the more likely she will bump into the family of Do Kyung. Then, she is back at the mercy of Mrs. No. Stay in the wood workshop and Hyuk.

    • cindydoo

      Kinda sad. Cabinet work is a noble job. Not many people have the skills it takes. It’s not just something you can learn.

      • Chatelaineces

        And, considering her art skill in wood carving, that may be the right place for her to discover the extent of her native talent. The preview actually shows her happily viewing her completed toilet medicine cabinet. But I guess to move the story on, she might just go back to a marketing job and also to get rid of Do Kyung (forcing her to get a marketing position to remove his guilt feelings).

  • Ronald Harrington

    Stalker dude needs to back tf off, the time you should have taken care of her has passed, you snobbish prick, “but he loves her” get a grip people, he showed what his love is like already, give it up…

    • Gg

      Hi RH…….yes he is a snobbish prick especially when he told her “I can kiss you, I can even sleep with you, but it does not mean anything because you know we walk in different paths…….and she came for a different reason.

      He will have to learn the hard way.

    • amanda

      it’s so weird i’m curious to see how the writers will make their relationship work it’s just too messed up for a happy ending and there’s seo hyun and ji ho too wtf man!!

    • Totally agree, he’s trying to force his will on her, he’s arrogant and demanding, this is why I can’t stand him he asked to talk to JA and he did, then he shows up at he work place saying he found her a job on the internet, JA made it abundantly clear she wants nothing to do with him, now this clown is back in stalker mode.

  • Percival Jones

    man that guy is really annoying. I don’t know why Korean culture praises stalker type men. almost in all Kromance dramas the main guy is a stalker rude type. One of the main reasons i almost never watch anything that has romance tag in it unless is also a thriller which makes the romance more subtle. The normal guy never gets anywhere but the rude stalker child behavior like guy is the one that gets the girl lol Is worse than watching a crazy Syfi show.

  • amanda

    uuuuuuuurghhh choi do kyung mind your own frigging business you too hyuk why is everyone forcing her to be okay it’s gonna take time and being forced to confront people who hurt you when you’re still fragile is not good for her, besides that old man deserves to suffer for being a spineless coward his children don’t respect him anymore but ji an is the one who’s probably gonna be apologizing for something he could’ve stopped if he wasn’t wallowing in his failed business from 10yrs ago sheesh he should just die i seriously hate his character : ji an desrves to get her life on track at her own pace and quite frankly i don’t think do kyung has worked at all in the last 2weeks

    • Pilar QTI

      I totally agree with you… that father of hers deserves no pity when he could’ve stop all the mess telling the truth on time… he’s just as responsible as Ji An’s mother… and Do Kyung was a j*rk when he spoke with Ji An that night… and there’s another thing I don’t like… but is from the preview.., Hyuk’s sister telling him Ji An is not friendly and that she doesn’t care about him… like she would if she were in Ji An’s shoes ¬¬ is what you said… people wanting you to be smiling and laughing when sometimes in life you don’t see a reason to smile or to laugh ‘cuz you just don’t feel right.. just too many annoying people ¬¬* around Ji An

  • dutchessdioji

    Shouldn’t the lumber boss have given Ji An some eye protective wear? He said the lumber could go flying.

    • cindydoo

      I know. It’s a show, it’s a show. Goggles on and you can’t see the actor’s expressions. Look at them driving cars and having whole involved conversations. Also amazing how it’s so easy to solve something if you just work hard enough. Life in a kdrama. Clusless man, doen’t know he’s in love. Clueless Dad, written in by writers to be a loser and ineffective emotional basket case.

      • dutchessdioji

        But Goggles are clear and we can very well “see the actor’s expressions” if he/she were to wear them.

  • Pilar QTI

    I just want to make a pause to say the acting Shin Hye Sun is so good… that sad but emotionless face she makes… but still looks at his father with sadness and happiness is marvelous! I’m also curious how this romance will develop after all this mess and those that are about to come 🙂

  • Danica Kim Tae Hee

    Guys blame it to the writer.hihi

  • I get JA brothers are upset at their parents but it seem they are not concerned at all about where or how JA is doing, I’m glad she didn’t go home. I agree with JS she should be who she is and dress the way she want to, she’s an adult it her prerogative. This is the very reason I don’t like DK, he wanted to talk to JA and he did now he shows up at her job and with the same demanding attitude saying he found her a job, JA is trying to move on with her life and I agree with her, it’s none of DK business where she work or what she does, he can’t even get a clue that she don’t want to be bothered with him or see him anymore, but he keep trying to forcing his will on her. Just like before JA’s father let his wife do what she wanted switching JA and JS and caused this mess, when she found JS abandoned she begged her husband not to call the police, he is just as at fault as his wife for what has happened. When he found out she switched the girls he went to the house to tell the truth but turned around and walked away crying, ridiculous, he gets no love here.