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Episode 26 Engsub

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Episode TitleEpisode 26 Engsub
Air date2017-11-26


My Golden Life Ep 26

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  • Chatelaineces

    Hah! Do Kyung’s constant presence has finally brought back Ji An into full consciousness. He has goaded her into very angry mode: eyes spewing fire, voice at very loud and entire body combative. The take charge, positive and hard working Ji An is back.

    • Gachip

      thank god!!! I think is was more the sense of accomplishment from working in the cabinet. He just angried her because he told her father where she was

  • cindydoo

    What’s happening to all the export business deals the Dad had? All his wandering around – has his business all gone to pot? Back to being loser Dad.

    • Ronald Harrington

      He did make 10 grand so his son could get outta Dodge, then asked him “what do you care” so loser dad is quite apt…..

      • cindydoo

        He gets wrapped up in his own self pity and then becomes an ineffective emotional basket case. He has skills. Yet, he worked odd jobs for 10 years and caused his family to suffer so. I thought he died after lying down- false hope.

    • amanda

      OH YEAH IT’S HIS OTHER EXCUSE IN THE MAKING for reeling in more pity uurghh

  • cindydoo

    Dad is such an emotional basket case. Finds his daughter and doesn’t even share the news with them.

    • cindydoo

      Dad is such a loser. The Doctor’s comment.

  • Ronald Harrington

    Finally, told stalker dude what’s what……but even that won’t stop him, I bet, geeeeeezzzzz, they don’t call him stalker dude for nothing, just like the bread guy, man, Korean men huh?……Just as an aside, I did woodworking for two years in my dad’s company, “use glue if you want it to stand less than six months” just sayin’

    • Hogwild

      She used dowels and glue. So it should last a while.

  • dutchessdioji

    I’m so glad Ji An told that spineless father of hers how she really feels. The nerve of him, telling her that she should let them explain everything to her. I loved her response, “Why should I?” Beautiful! She’s depressed and hurt. For now, they need to give her some time and space.
    Finally, she told that knucklehead Choi Kyung where to get off.
    Ji An …. hwaiting!

    • Hogwild

      For me, those were the best two scenes for this episode. I feel her pain and believe these encounters will bring back, no improve JA.

  • Athena Gliddon

    The father really pisses me off. He is beyond pathetic. He would have to do wind sprints just to reach pathetic.

    • cindydoo

      You see he can control his emotional ups and downs. Makes me even more mad because he can choose to act responsibly, but he chooses to wallow in pity fully conscious of what it’s doing to his family. Inflicting 10 years of pain on his family. Dad has a really big mental problem.

      • amanda

        a total victim personality he makes me sick really

  • sonny

    tell him fu……off rich guy.

  • Asma lockheart

    wooow the last scene was gold can’t wait for the next one

  • dutchessdioji

    @35:16 Sunwoo keeps a wedgie. That has to be uncomfortable.
    From the Director’s chair: “CUT! Sun woo, fix your wedgie.” Rofl

  • Layane

    I really do not like Ji An’s father, he’s so weak. The only force he shows is when it’s time to yell at his children.
    Ji Soo is really growing in my concept, I loved the fact that she asked for a home for compensation.
    I really like the rich dad, so I wanted Ji Soo to give him a chance.

  • Iwan Ridwan

    what i just dont understand is…..what is something that disturbing Ji An mind?
    why she get so stressful and depress. i know that she is shocked and feel guilty by lying to be their daughter, but that kind of things i think it is not enough to make her go mindless and almost want to suicide

  • hey!

    When is he going to find out that the sisters are somewhat related. I mean how long they plan on dragging that on for. I don’t like the Ji Soo character but I’m sure that she isn’t going to like the fact that he has such a deep connection with Ji An.

    • amanda

      otteoke ji an was here first she is just gonna have to deal with being 2nd best

  • amanda

    in this one do kyung really messed by not giving her time and space and he should not have told that pathetic old geezer where to find her out of line, quite frankly i don’ see how any of the relationships will work too complicated even for me. i think the grandfather is gonna put ji soo in her place that dude is gentle but scary.
    P.S: seo tae soo shouting at ji tae not cool he doesn’t have the right to do so he is the one who ruined the family no one else to blame but him and the pity party he’s throwing himself is only making it worse he just wants his children to hover over him pitying him because he’s a coward who can’t take a little tough love is determined to be constantly loved irregardless of his flaws and mistakes , I REALLY HATE HIM!!!!