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Episode TitleEpisode 3 Engsub
Air date2017-09-09


My Golden Life Ep 3

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  • Chatelaineces

    Funny how we sometimes wish we were born with the silver spoon. Wealth and the privilege it provides works for those already born into it. Entering the life of the rich and famous where you are low born,say through marriage, is an entirely a different kettle of fish. She re-enters this life as a child of the Haesoo Group already grown without the buffing and veneer of upper crust education and genteel upbringing. Family dynamics at the supper table are discussions about business and deals. Friendships are made with the view of making profitable connections. Marriages are not about two people in love but two conglomates consolidating resources. She enters a jungle of the wild where there are animals deadlier than the lions and snakes.
    I just hope they do the mandatory DNA testing with her so that it establishes her real parentage. How ridiculous will this drama be if later episodes reveal that the lost daughter is Ji Soo and not her.
    This drama is now well on its way. To my mind, this autumn, Hospital Ship and My Golden Life are the dramas to watch. I am still iffy about the Man Who Sets the Table.

    • Hogwild

      I’m starting to like this show more. I was wondering how the police would casually put off a lost and found child without verifying. Based on translation, the police just didn’t care to bother. Anyway, I’ll continue to watch. I too think a DNA test should be rerun even though I don’t see why the mom would lie.

      • Chatelaineces

        It does not make sense that the adoptive mother would tell a lie given that the Haesung CEO has in her capacity to do a second DNA test just for validation. What is undermining our belief are scenes where Hae Soo, Ji An’s adoptive father, seems to pay particular attention to her. He came out from afar just to treat her to dinner and give her some pocket money. Remember, too, the discussion between the owner of the house they are renting underscores the fact that the father is more concerned about her than Ji Soo. And then there is the scene between Park Shi Hoo’s character and the younger sister.

        • Hogwild

          The scenes you mentioned flashed through my mind as I was typing. I try not read to much into those scenes because from my perspective I could see how a father would give more attention to the child that is struggling. I never struggled and my father ignored me, but my brothers and sisters were helped often because they never could keep a job or was broke. The other scene I saw as a possible hint or diversion. From the poster it seems we can’t have brother and sister end up as couple. So I’ll keep watching to see how the plot unfolds.

          • Chatelaineces

            I like your take on the father putting his concern on the child that need help the most because parents are really like that. However, when you put together the statement of the owner of the house they are renting and add this to Hae Soo’s making a trip back from afar then it gains diversionary significance, your second point. I just wish the writers of this drama desist from exchanging one sister from the other. It insults our intelligence.

  • HappyClam

    Park Shi Hoo is a rapist. He belongs to jail, not to kdrama. He is a terrible human being. Shame shame shame!

  • KDrama admirer

    Wow it’s already subbed

  • eunmi

    im actually loving this

  • Joon

    Love this drama

  • 매디

    BTS at 13:25❤️❤️

  • 매디

    Just by looking at the poster I feel like the red head will end up being the actual daughter of the rich people it would honestly suck because then ji an would end up with the rich dude instead of with
    her childhood friend

  • dropdedfred

    ji an’s dad makes me wanna cry